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Class of ’85,
We are excited to announce the first Class of ’85 Tailgate of the 2015 Navy Football Season on Saturday September 5th vs. Colgate. It will be in the usual ’85 tailgate spot (where the old quonset hut used to be along the Taylor Blvd. side of the parking lot). Classmate Eric Bowman and his wife, Vlasta Miksch, will be roasting assorted meats on his “Nuke Sub” cooker. The game starts at noon on Sept. 5th, so plan on light tailgating prior to the game and then food served after the game. If you plan to attend, please bring an appetizer, side dish to accompany grilled meats (chicken and pork, possibly lamb) or a dessert along with a few plates to serve it on (keep in mind your dish may be sitting until after the game prior to being served, so plan accordingly). Bring your own beverages and coolers with your drinks of choice, folding chairs and any other tailgate items to add to the party. Class of ’85 is going “Old School” starting this season on our tailgate parties as promised. No more Moveable Mixtures drink trailer (we had a good run, but time to get back to basics). After the Navy Game we will have other college games on a TV at our tailgate site and we will have music from our new class bluetooth party speaker. Come and enjoy the fun. We will post info on our class website at: http://1985.usnaclasses.com. Come out and kick off the Navy Football Season in style folks and enjoy a GREAT afternoon of football, food and tailgating with plenty of your Class of ’85 Classmates and families. If you have questions, please contact our ’85 Tailgate Coodinator: Dave McDonnell at: david_555@verizon.net.  We will continue the great tradition of home game tailgates all season and will add a special catered event (in addition to our 30th Class Reunion on 10/1-10/4) for Homecoming this year which is October 24 vs. Tulane. (Information will be kept up to date on the class website, so refer to that site if you are attending any of the games to see what is happening at the USNA ’85 Tailgate Party.) I will have another 30th Reunion Update soon, but wanted to get the word out about our opening Class of ’85 Tailgate party so you can plan your attendance. As always, GO NAVY and BEAT ARMY (And everyone else)!



Bob Smith ‘85