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Email Sent 9/28/2017

Greetings ’85,

We are coming off a great win against Cincinnati last weekend and another successful ’85 tailgate. Charlie Smith and his crew had the grill fired up and the brats and Chili were served up with cold beers. We are looking ahead to the Air Force home game on October 7th. We will be in full force next weekend in Annapolis. Here is a note from Charlie regarding our plans:

Classmates, it looks like fall is finally coming to the East Coast and Navy is preparing to face Air Force on October 7th.   We had a good turnout for the Cincinnati game and expect to have an even larger turnout for the Air Force game.  The theme for this tailgater will be FRY the FALCONs but we will be cooking chicken since Falcons are hard to come by.
The grill will be hot and the beer will be cold.  If you plan to attend, please use the signup list to let us know what you plan to bring but feel free to bring something else.  The sign up list can be found at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a48abab28aaf49-beat
Looking ahead, we will have a fully catered tailgate for the Homecoming weekend game on October 21st against UCF and I will be looking for get an accurate head count closer to that game. We are planning an ’85 get together Friday night the 26th to celebrate our informal 32nd Class Reunion at the Chesapeake Brewing Co. owned by classmate Dave and Carolyn Marquis, stay tuned for more details and a sign up soon. As always, please see the USNA ’85 website for travel information for the 2018 season and our trips to Hawaii and to San Diego: http://1985.usnaclasses.net
Thanks in advance for your support in making the ’85 tailgaters great again.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Charlie Smith at charles.m.smith@gmail.com or me at (502) 432-6185.  As always, donations are appreciated in our game day collection box that go towards covering the cost of the beer and wine and our tailgate equipment and tent.  I also appreciate all the assistance with setup and tear down. Go Navy and Beat Tulsa on the road and come into the Air Force game ready and undefeated. If anyone has extra tickets they need to sell, I have classmates who need them, so PLEASE contact me directly and I will broker a deal. Regards,  Bob Smith ’85
15 August 2016

Greetings Class of ’85,

As we all ask ourselves: “Where did summer go?”, things like kids in school (college or high school or others) and getting our Navy gear dusted off for another football season are now on the front burner instead of some distant thought. That being said, I am proud to say that we will kick off the home football season against Fordham on September 3rd at NMCS at our usual tailgate site. I will be coodinating the food and beverage support for that tailgate in the days ahead, but wanted to remind everyone the home opener is approaching fast and that the game is scheduled as a 12:00 kickoff, so plan on more of a post game party than pre-game event. Next, I am still actively working on the Class of ’85 “31st Reunion” to take place in Jacksonville, FL as part of the Navy/Notre Dame weekend November 3-6. The schedule is full and can be viewed at our class website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net. We have a sign up form their for those of you wishing to attend. It is NOT too late to sign up for the weekend and make your way down to the Marriott Sawgrass and join many of us already signed up for the events of the weekend. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, I encourage you to join of for the Friday dinner on the beach, the golf outing, the tailgate party and so on. The deadline for sign ups will come FAST, so PLEASE do not wait to get yourself signed up and plan for what will be yet another amazing Class of ’85 event. Email or call me if you have any questions about this weekend. I will be reaching out soon to those of you who have signed up already and we will start an email string specific to that weekend and those attending.

As tailgate season approaches, I want to remind everyone that we stopped using the outside drink vendor last season and we transitioned to having our ’85 Classmate Dave Marquis who has opened his new brewpub, Chesapeake Brewing Company on West Street in Annapolis, as our official Class tailgate vendor for food and drinks. We wanted to make sure that our tailgate was limited to Class of ’85 Friends and families and not all the town drunks, I think we have done that. Instead of collecting donations at the home games and having to track all that, I am asking for those who attend regularly to help contribute to our class tailgate fund and just make one donation for the entire season. With more money, I can do better quality events and cater more games and provide beer and wine. So, not having to pack your cooler with food and beverages has value and I will ask for a voluntary donation so I can use matching funds from our class account to grow our tailgate experience. I want to add a TV to our site and other enhancements and your donations will help. What is a fair guideline? I would say that $20 per adult, per game attending is fair unless you are not eating or drinking, in that case, just show up. You can send your checks to me and put Class of ’85 Tailgate in the memo. My address:

776 South Angola Road

Coldwater, MI  49036

This is not mandatory and we will not be issuing wrist bands or anything, BUT, if we pitch in together we can maintain our world class tailgating each game, afford away tailgating and proudly fly the Class of ’85 at our tent each week enjoying great food and Chesapeake Brewing company beer and wine.

Speaking of away tailgating. Our Classmate Mike Dashiell who lives in Colorado Springs has offered to host our Class of ’85 Tailgate at the Air Force away game this year on Saturday October 1st. Here is what he has given me:

  • Agenda:
    • Friday, 09/30 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Drinks/Appetizers at Rocky Mountain Brewery – 1110 Interquest Pkwy (across from USAFA)
    • Kickoff is Saturday at 1330 local and Tailgate starting at 1130 in the stadium parking lot – catered by Rudees Barbecue including beef brisket/pork barbecue/chicken, sides and iced tea ($25.00-$30.00 per person). Beer/wine is extra.
    • Saturday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Dinner (TBD- possibly Cheyenne Mountain Resort or Country Club of Colorado)
  • Airports: Colorado Springs Airport – 15-20 miles southeast of USAFA Denver International Airport – 70 miles north of USAFA
  • Lodging options: Cheyenne Mountain Resort (approx 15 miles south of USAFA stadium) – $234.00/night or $254.00/night includes breakfast for two, plus $24.00 resort fee plus taxes (amenities include gold course on location, heated swimming pool/whirlpool, gym, tennis, etc) Marriott Residence Inn North (approx 3-4 Miles from stadium) – $142.00/night plus taxes

Please contact Mike if you are interested and I will have this info up on the Class website this week. Mike is at: mdashiell01@gmail.com or his cell is: 757-544-6518. I hope to make this game and imagine we will have some classmates eager to attend! Thanks Mike.

Dave and Carolyn Marquis will be hosting all the away games at the Chesapeake Brewing Company located at 114 West Street for those in Annapolis who want to enjoy food and drink specials and your fellow Classmates and Alums as you cheer the mids on to another successful season.

I am still working on the logistics of our class election coming this Fall so stay tuned. In closing, this will be another GREAT year for Class of ’85 with home and away tailgates and of course the 31st Reunion down south against those Irish bums from South Bend. I am also working on Class events for the Army/Navy game in Baltimore this year and will have that out to you and on the class website when we announce it. For now, PLEASE consider supporting the Class tailgate fund with a small donation and PLEASE get your travel plans in place for the 31st reunion. Cheers to everyone and BEAT Fordham and BEAT Army! Regards,  Bob Smith ’85

PS: For those of you in need of some awesome Navy ’85 Apparel for the upcoming season, PLEASE visit our class store at: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com.


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