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Email sent 15 Oct 2018

Hey Class of ’85,

I left out information about Navy ’85 apparel for the Notre Dame game in my email yesterday. Classmate Jim Berdeguez has put together a custom Tee Shirt for this year’s game in San Diego. Go to the link below to see all of Jim’s Class apparel as well as his custom designs for this year’s game. I truly appreciate having many of Jim’s quality class apparel items and wear it proudly all the time. If you want something and are coming to San Diego, Jim will have your items available for pick up at the events on game weekend. If you are not going and want it shipped for receipt by game day, you will need to get you order in ASAP. Thanks again to Jim for his continued support of our class and our class tailgate/reunion fund. Get your shirts ordered today! (I did). Go Navy and Beat the Irish.  Bob Smith ’85

Here is the link for ordering:



Email sent 13 Aug 2018

Class of 1985,

Some of you have already signed up for the Navy Notre Dame weekend, bought your tickets and reserved your hotel room and I thank you for doing this as it helps my planning tremendously. Now that I have the Hawaii trip pretty well planned out but not yet executed, I need to turn my sights to the Notre Dame game in San Diego on October 27th. For those of you not yet signed up, please go to the Class website and do so, here is the link: http://1985.usnaclasses.net. There are still a few rooms in our class block and plenty of rooms at other hotels in the area, so staying at the class hotel is not required to attend and enjoy any or all of the events. There are still game tickets available through ticketmaster or other ticket websites, so you can get those taken care of easily. I do not have the exact location of our class seating block other than it is on the Navy side of the field in or near an endzone. Once again, not required to attend the pre and post game tailgate with us, get your tickets and sign up. The schedule events so far looks something like this (all times are local or PST):

Thursday Kick off Happy Hour: 1700-2000, location TBA (Gas Lamp District, cash bar)

Friday Golf Outing: Time and location TBA, but will be morning at a local course.

Friday Evening Cocktail Reception at the Westin Gas Lamp: 1700-1900


  • Pregame tailgate party at the Gas Lamp Tavern hosted by Eco-Catering: 1230-1530
  • Board Buses to Qualcomm Stadium: 1530
  • Kickoff: 1700
  • Buses to Gas Lamp Tavern 30 minutes post Navy Blue and Gold

The approximate cost of the Friday night Happy Hour (Appetizers and Open beer/wine bar) $80pp

Tailgate Cost: (3 hours of food and open beer/wine bar) $80 pp

Bus transport to and from Qualcomm Stadium: $25.00

This once again promises to be a GREAT weekend for the Class of 1985 and so far, our attendance is amazing and I am sure there will be more of you that can now commit to this trip, so please go ahead and register. If you are not sure, please email me and I can tell you if you are on the list. In a few weeks I will start to finalize the counts for our events and collect money as necessary in advance via Paypal or Zelle. For now, get your travel plans and hotel rooms and game tickets lined up and stay tuned for more updates. We are working on a special Class of ’85 Navy Football Jersey that will go on sale for that weekend courtesy of James Gang Printing and classmate Jim Berdeguez.

Thanks as always and GO NAVY, beat the IRISH!!   Bob Smith ’85

Email 28 Nov 2016

Class of ’85,

How much fun to have a bonus tailgate with Navy hosting Temple for the AAC Championship game in Annapolis this Saturday. We will have a Class of ’85 tailgate at our usual spot starting at 1000 starting before and going until after the game. Beer and wine provided by our Class and the class tent set up as well. Please bring food to share for appropriate pre and post game tailgate snacking. Tailgate starts at 1000 and hopefully goes strong after the game to celebrate our first AAC Championship and then we set our sites on that “Team from up north” a week later in Baltimore. The post tailgate party is at Chesapeake Brewery on West Street Annapolis.

Speaking of the following week, we are still taking registrations for the USNA ’85 Beat Army Tailgate sponsored by Trident Home Loans (http://tridenthomeloans.com) and Classmate Marty Medve at Pickles Pub in downtown Baltimore starting at 1130 on Dec. 10. The link to register is on the Class of ’85 website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net/2016/10/23/army-navy-2016-tailgate/ The cost is $40 at the door for a great food buffet, drink specials in a private room upstairs at the pub and a GREAT time as we get pumped up for the game against our arch rival. Our classmate Jim Berdeguez has designed some awesome Beat Army Shirts and they are on sale at the class apparel website: http://usna85.deco-apparel.comThe ordering deadline is November 30 to receive them either at the game or your home prior to game day so you wear them to your Beat Army party. For those that order to pick up at the game, they will be available for pick-up at Pickles Pub at the tailgate (say that 3 times fast). PLEASE register soon if you are coming, I need to get a head count to the bar by early next week for their food order. We will be at least 100 strong and may fill the room to its capacity of 125.

In review, HUGE game Saturday against Temple in the AAC Championship game at 1200 with tailgating before and after starting at 1000 at our usual tailgate site; and then we set out sites on Army the following week. Tailgate registration for the Army game is open and the tee shirt ordering deadline is fast approaching. Phew, it’s hard work being part of this class! I will be watching this Saturday from Michigan and will look forward to seeing many of you the following weekend in Baltimore. I will put out news about a Friday night Happy Hour in Baltimore for those in town, it will be near the Inner Harbor. If you are going to be in Baltimore that evening, let me know. Safe Travels and Beat Temple!! Contact me with any questions: robertsmith5@att.net or 502-432-6185.

Go Navy!!!!

Bob Smith ’85


I want to thank Classmate Jim Berdeguez for coming up with special edition tee shirts (men’s and women’s, short and long sleeve) to commemorate this year’s Army/Navy game. I have attached some photos to this email and you can access pictures and order these shirts on our apparel website: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com

Now, if you choose to order and are attending the Army/Navy game, you can save shipping and pick up your shirts at the indoor tailgate at Pickle’s Pub. If you want to do this, please indicate when ordering. Otherwise, Jim has options for shipping to your home or business. Help us support Jim’s company and our class and get your BEAT ARMY tee shirt today! I will have a limited number on sale the weekend of Army/Navy at Pickles, but order now to make sure you get the shirts you want. Ladies, we have provided you shirts so now is your chance, I heard your voices asking for nice ladies apparel. I want to again thank Jim and his staff for these shirts and for being flexible with our class. He will donate a portion of proceeds to support our Class fund. Go Navy and BEAT ARMY! Get your shirt today whether you are coming to the game or watching with fellow alums or at home with family or friends.

Thanks. Bob Smith ’85



Class of ’85,

I predicted, this game would SELL OUT and this would be a very popular weekend. I just received confirmation today that Navy Sports has sold out of their ticket allotment and we, as a class, have the last 110 tickets left for sale in the Navy section at face value of $85 (or pay $400 on StubHub). We have sold out 50% of our block so far and I am very excited that we have made great progress. So, now what I need is for those of you who are notorious last minute shoppers to make a decision EARLY and get your game tickets, hotel rooms and contact me for the dinner, golf outing at TPC, trip to St. Augustine and tailgate. I am still finalizing the tailgate plans and this is because I am at the mercy of out of town vendors on this, but PLEASE trust me. We will have the best tailgate. I already have the best dinner, golf outing and largest ticket block, so why not just relax and sign up??? Okay, I just wanted to get this out to any of you on the fence. The rest of the Navy Alums have grabbed their tickets and it is my sincere fear that if we do not sell out our block SOON, NAAA will ask me for tickets to sell to other groups now that the game is sold out for them. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to make plans or commit to things this time as I WILL NOT be able to help you last minute. The Marriott is filling up and they have already reduced our room block from 150 to 100, so let’s get on this NOW Class of ’85. Get your trips planned and let’s start counting the days.

On a side note, we have had a significant increase in orders for the Reunion Pictures and everyone who has placed an order has been very pleased (of those who I have talked to). Like I said, these are GREAT pictures from a great weekend and we appreciate Marcus our photographer in giving us 50% pricing for downloads and prints. In case you do not have it, here is how you view and order from our library:

Here is how you get there to browse (which is fun) or buy (even better)! Go to this link: http://www.enjoyphotos.com/Gallery/Login.aspx?EventGuid=9215E0F4-7E37-4FC0-98E5-CAEFEBC46C5A.  From there you just enter any email address to enter this site. Once there you can browse and shop away. The prices listed on the drop down are full price, your discount will be taken off when you proceed to your checkout. I have ordered about 10 of these prints and they are constant reminders of how great the 30th was and how cool it was to see so many of you in Annapolis. Plus a few nice shots of me and my lovely wife Sherry. Okay ’85, make me proud on this one. If you have questions, email Marcus Chacona at: info@theannapolisphotographer.com.

I LOVE my prints that are now framed and hanging all over my house. I also want to give a shout out to Dave and Carolyn Marquis for the opening of the Chesapeake Brewing Co. Pub in Annapolis and the “Beat Army Bar” inside their brewpub. I was lucky enough to be at grand opening their several classmates and it was truly great. They are still in the early stages of getting their bar decorated and set up. They are looking for any great memorabilia like old and new photos from the Naval Academy or Fleet “stuff” or pictures. They are still open to adding members to the Plank Owner program, which gives you a small stake in the bar and gives you full privileges as an original plank owner in what is sure to be one of Annapolis’s most popular bars. You can email Dave and Carolyn at: chesbrewco@yahoo.com for more information. We look forward to partnering with the Chesapeake Brewery for years to come in as many events as they will serve us beer (including at the Navy v. Notre Dame weekend in November.)

So, in review, get your plans made for the Class of ’85 31st Reunion in Jacksonville from Nov. 3-6. Get your game tickets NOW and your hotel rooms NOW. Sign up for golf and the beach dinner on Friday (see our Class website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net) for details throughout the process. Contact me with comments and questions: 502-432-6185 or robertsmith5@att.net.) ALSO, get on our Class of ’85 Apparel site and keep shopping. We have the VERY BEST Class apparel site and I would love to see more of you use it and support us having such an amazing place for Class Apparel: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com. I or my wife own about every item on here and LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it as I am sure you will too. Why wait??

Okay, Take care and I will look forward to more sign ups for our “31st Reunion”. Go Navy as always.  Bob Smith ’85

We are pleased to announce the rollout of our new fall USNA ’85 gear. Two styles of tops, one an athletic top in ladies’ and men’s styles. The other is a unisex fleece top. Both have zippered fronts and pockets. GREAT material with Bob Smith setting the example and owning both styles. You can choose from the USNA with our Class crest on the left breast or “Navy ’85”. These are nicely embroidered and super high quality.

Visit the USNA ’85 apparel site: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com. You need to order by Dec. 13th for delivery by Christmas. A PERFECT GIFT!!!

Thanks to Jim Berdeguez for putting these together!!

A few announcements and reminders to pass on to everyone.  Please take the time to read these and respond to the surveys for Navy-Notre Dame 2016 in Jacksonville, FL and the 30th Reunion.


Interested in attending Navy-Notre Dame next year to be played November 5, 2016 in Jacksonville, FL? Please respond here.

We are interested in any and all feedback from you regarding the reunion.  Your feedback will help us in providing even better events! All responses will be kept confidential.  The survey is located here.

Apparel and Photos

Please check out the Gouge and Gedunk page for information on ordering class apparel and reunion photos.

Rick Cambell’s Books

As a reminder, Rick is donating royalties from his books purchased by classmates in the past and future. These proceeds go into our class fund supporting the spouses of our fallen classmates to attend reunions.  We can get some of that information from Facebook, but it would be greatly appreciated if you can send a short note to Angela Orlando with the book title, format, and where purchased so we can keep track.  Put a note on your calendar that the next novel, Ice Station Nautilis, will be available in mid-May 2016!

USNA ’85,

Greetings and Happy Labor Day weekend. As we kick off the Fall Navy Football and Class of ’85 Tailgate season at NMCMS this weekend against Colgate at our Class Kickoff tailgate, the excitement starts and the tradition continues. You can see information about our class tailgate on the class website: <a href=”http://1985.usnaclasses.com”>http://1985.usnaclasses.com</a>. Enjoy a GREAT tailgate for those of you attending. Skip McDonnell and crew will have the tailgate buzzing and please remember to bring a side dish and BYOB for drinks as we kick off the “new area” of Old School Tailgaters.
Now let’s talk Reunion: We are officially in the IMPRESSIVE region for numbers of those attending; NICE WORK! Now, we still have some folks sitting on the sideline. Today is the final day to get your name printed on your reunion nametag as I must submit that list to my vendor for printing. We will have blanks and Sharpies so do not fret if you have to wait to commit. Today is also the cutoff for those of you who want to play golf in the Joint USNA ’85 and the USAFA Association of Graduates outing at Renditions Golf Course. A truly amazing outing and you can sign up today at: <a href=”http://golf.usafa.org/WashingtonDC”>http://golf.usafa.org/WashingtonDC</a>. If you have golf related questions, please email or call Danny Yurovich ’85: yurovich@msn.com or (717) 571-6260. For those you already signed up, you will need to drive yourself to the course or work with Dan on a carpool to the course. This is due to the early hour and the fact our golfers are too spread out to provide cost efficient bus transport. I have put that money into some fun gifts and prizes for the players.


For those of you who mentioned you needed babysitting and for those of you who need babysitting for the dinner on Friday, PLEASE contact me as I have babysitters and I have a conference room at the Westin Hotel we will turn into “Kids Paradise” on Friday evening with teenage daughters of fellow classmates staffing our room under the careful watch of hotel staff. I want to build my final list. We can plan babysitting to start at 1730 and lasting until 2200. Contact me about this if you need this service.

For those of you who have ordered our class apparel, I have received some VERY positive feedback. Thanks for ordering and I encourage the rest of you to get on our apparel site and do some shopping: <a href=”http://usna85.deco-apparel.com”>http://usna85.deco-apparel.com</a>. All our events continue to grow in number and scope. Encourage your classmates and company mates to get on board for this epic reunion. Volunteers for our registration desk are still being accepted, please contact me and I appreciate those of you who have stepped up to volunteer already and I will be assigning shift times soon starting Thursday at Noon and going until Friday at 1700. I have hired some full time staff to assist us at the Registration Desk as well. For our female Class of ’85 Classmates, Ashley Yetman and some others have organized a “Lady’s of ’85 Breakfast” at Preble Hall on Saturday Morning of the Reunion weekend at Preble Hall from 0900-1100. Please contact Ashley to join this group of female classmates reconnecting in honor of our 30th Reunion: aply@comcast.net
We have hired a photographer to be at our major events throughout the weekend and he will have a website to order downloadable prints or actual prints after the reunion weekend. We will do a special group shot at the Tailgate with a Drone (not a Raptor!); once again setting the standard for USNA Class Reunions. We have also obtained some graduation proofs and a video from the Library of Congress and will try and have individual prints from Graduation available through our photographer coming out of this
For those attending the Thursday Night party, we will be kicking off the first pints of the new: Beat Army Golden Lager and selling them for $4.85 per pint and raising money for Luke’s Flight Charity and Navy Athletics. We may have a few special guests (The Gorilla? Roger Staubach? Chesty Puller? Garcia himself?) to help roll this Beer out and we will be selling special Edition: Beat Army Golden Lager Apparel. This beer will be featured at other reunion events courtesy of Dave Marquis ’85 and his Chesapeake Brewing Company. For those of you in town Wednesday, we are announcing a “Pre-Pre kickoff” Happy Hour and Pub Crawl starting at Ramshead Tavern at 1700, if you happen to be in town or live there, come and join me and my host for that evening: Mike “Pig” Vance as we get the reunion rolling.


Okay ’85….. we are 26 days and counting to the Naval Academy’s GREATEST EVER Reunion and our 30th Reunion. Email, text or call with questions, comments or needs.

Regards and Go Navy, Beat the Colgate Raiders!


Bob Smith ’85


P.S. Steve Pimpo is still taking information for the Class Briefing notes at: sjpimpo@comcast.netWe are also looking for corporate partners to help us raise money for our Class of ’85 Charities. I am proud to announce Peter Martino ’85 and his business Annapolis Teas has recently joined us as a major sponsor.