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Email sent 10/10/2017


For those of you who do not know this, our classmate, Rick Campbell, has become a best-selling author of military thrillers with favorable comparisons to Tom Clancy. I have now read his latest Book Blackmail and can tell you, it is perhaps his best in a list of really amazing books (I have read them all!). I pick up one of his books and cannot put it down… PERIOD! Rick will be at the USNA Midstore from 19-21 October doing book signings and as he has done in the past, he will donate a percentage of the proceeds to our Class of ’85 Fund. Last year, that was over $600 and was very much appreciated. Here is some info on Rick’s books:

Author of military thrillers published by Macmillan / St. Martin’s Press.  Find out more at –  rickcampbellauthor.com
PRAISE for Rick Campbell books  Barnes & Noble Top-20 Bestsellers!
— TRIDENT DECEPTION:  “The best submarine novel since Tom Clancy’s classic The Hunt For Red October.” — Booklist
— EMPIRE RISING:  “Another riveting thriller by Rick Campbell. A MUST READ!” — Publishers Weekly
— ICE STATION NAUTILUS:  “Exciting and intense! When I finished, I realized I’d been holding my breath for way too long.” — BookLikes
BLACKMAIL – on sale June 27th, 2017 at bookstores everywhere (hardcover, eBook, and audiobook).  
— Available at Barnes & Noble, select COSTCOs, Books-A-Million, Amazon, Apple iTunes, GooglePlay, and many more!
— “The submarine and surface-ship battles are pitch-perfect, and readers will shudder with every missile strike and exploding depth charge.” — Publishers Weekly
As you can see, his list of books is growing as well as his accolades. Like I said, if you have not read any yet, go ahead today and buy them or download them. If you do not enjoy any of his books, I will refund your money myself, as I am a HUGE fan of Rick’s work. As notable, Rick has been very generous with the proceeds from his books donating to many groups supporting our soldiers, sailors and marines. Thanks Rick and we look forward to seeing him in Annapolis. He will be join us for the Homecoming game class events.
Get out there today and support a great classmate, better yet, get some reading that you will truly enjoy no matter what your military background is or was and have some of your proceeds go to great causes. Go Navy and support Rick today!!
Bob Smith ’85

I took an early morning stroll over to the Yard and stop by the Mid Store to see Rick Campbell.  I brought my copies of Trident Deception and Empire Rising with me which he gladly signed.

Rick Campbell signing Angela Orlando's copies

Rick Campbell signing Angela Orlando’s copies

If you haven’t got your copies, take a walk over today, tomorrow, or Saturday and get your copies!  Remember, each book sold this weekend is a donation to the class fund to help defray the cost of our fallen spouses’ widows attend the reunion.  If you already have bought copies, please let me know which books, where you got them, and the format as each book bought by a classmate is also a donation.

Thank you so very much, Rick Campbell!


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