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Email sent 1 Dec 2018

Happy December Class of ’85,

Who too can say: “WTF…. Where did Fall go and I cannot believe it’s December already?” Yep, that’s me too! That all being said, as we catch our breath from hanging Christmas decorations and attending endless Christmas parties; let’s first remember those who gave us their ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and especially those from the USNA and our ’85 Family. Next, it’s Army week!! We know what that means: Eat, sleep and breath beating those Black Knights on Hudson next Saturday and Lincoln Financial. As part of that, here is the info I posted in a previous email:

With Navy’s home season complete, I have now turned my focus to the Army/Navy weekend in Philadelphia. I am once again pleased to announce we will have both a Friday evening event and Saturday pre-game tailgate. On Friday, we will meet up at the Misconduct Tavern at 1511 Locust Street in Philadelphia from 1730-2000. Here is a link for the Misconduct Tavern: http://www.misconducttavern.com/#about This event is cash bar and you can order drinks and food off the menu from the staff who will be accommodating us in a private room at the Pub. I have been to this Pub and the food and staff are great! On Saturday, we will be having an Indoor tailgate at Tollman Joe’s located at: 26 E Oregon Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and their website it: https://www.tollmanjoes.com/location/toll-man-joes-e-oregon-ave/ Here are the details and menu for this event:

Dec. 8th   11am-2pm
$50 per person fee paid to Bob Smith (See Below)

  • Cheese Burger Sliders
    Cheese Steak Spring Rolls
    Lobster Bisque
    Old Bay Fries
    Caesar Salad
  • Bottomless Mimosas (Included)
    $3 Domestic Beers
    $4 Wines
    *** They have a FREE shuttle to the game for those who are taking an Uber to this event or if you want to leave your car for FREE and take the shuttle.***

I will be collecting the event fee of $50 in the following manner: Paypal and Venmo at: md11driver85@gmail.com or you can hand me check or cash at either event for your payment (contact me because I need a headcount for both nights).
PLEASE sign up by the deadline of December 3rd at 2300 EST. There is no fee for the Friday event, but if you could please email or text me to let me know you are coming, that info will be very helpful: c: 502-432-6185 or robertsmith5@att.net. For paypal, PLEASE send your payment indicating it is for “Friends and Family”, otherwise, they take a fee and I lose money that paypal takes. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon at the Army/Navy weekend as Navy seems to be peaking for the right game. I will be putting out information, soon along with early sign ups for the Big 2020 Ireland Trip for Navy vs. Notre Dame. We will once again work with Tenon Tours like we did in 2012 and we are putting together some amazing travel packages for that event. More to follow, for now BEAT ARMY!!

See many of you next weekend and we are dedicating Friday night to those in our Class who specialized in “Misconduct” by proudly displaying a Black “N” Sweater. If you own one, bring it, if it happens to fit (unlikely), wear it. See you Friday and/or Saturday and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, sign up NOW if you are coming. Sign ups have been light so far and I need a head count please.

Happy Holidays,

Bob Smith ’85


Email sent 8 Nov 2017

Class of ’85,

Greetings. We are all still stinging a little from the current 3 game losing streak. I ventured to Philly to watch the game last week and it was hard to watch the outcome. We came back late to make it close, so maybe that is a good sign coming into this weekend’s game against SMU. Here is an email from Charlie Smith regarding the final class tailgate of the season this Saturday:

We had a great turnout for homecoming and I want to thank everyone who pitched in to help out and to everyone who contributed to the class fund.  It’s now time for Navy’s last regular season home game and we are cooking up a Texas BBQ Pot Luck as Navy takes on the SMU Mustangs.  We will have the grill fired up and cold beer on tap so bring out burgers, chicken, hot dogs or your favorite meat to toss on the grill.  As always, bring what you want and join in with classmates, friends and family as we celebrate another great year of Navy Football.

Please go to the sign up page and let me know if you are coming and how many are in your party.  Here’s the link to the signup:  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/5080A48ABAB28AAF49-navy2  – you don’t have to sign up for anything and you don’t even have to enter an email address.

Thanks Charlie for all your efforts, we all appreciate what you and Kathleen have done this season to take our Class of ’85 tailgate experience to the next level. Moving on to future plans, I am sending some information from Classmate Frank Proctor regarding the Friday night Class party at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia on A/N weekend. This is going to be a very exclusive and fun event, and space is limited to 150 guests, so do not wait to RSVP for this event. This is from Frank:


Please forward this along to the Class of 85. We have 110 guests for the Army Navy Cocktail Party at the Pyramid Club in Philly the night before the big game.

Still 40 slots available. First come , first served!



Here is the link to RSVP for this event:


Once again, thanks to Frank and a few other classmates for making this event a reality. I am working on a pre-game event at Army-Navy this year and will post that information soon. Until then: Go Navy, Beat the Mustangs and Army! Get signed up for this week’s final tailgate if you are coming please. See you soon, I will not be at this weekend’s game due to soccer commitments back home.


Bob Smith ’85


Email 28 Nov 2016

Class of ’85,

How much fun to have a bonus tailgate with Navy hosting Temple for the AAC Championship game in Annapolis this Saturday. We will have a Class of ’85 tailgate at our usual spot starting at 1000 starting before and going until after the game. Beer and wine provided by our Class and the class tent set up as well. Please bring food to share for appropriate pre and post game tailgate snacking. Tailgate starts at 1000 and hopefully goes strong after the game to celebrate our first AAC Championship and then we set our sites on that “Team from up north” a week later in Baltimore. The post tailgate party is at Chesapeake Brewery on West Street Annapolis.

Speaking of the following week, we are still taking registrations for the USNA ’85 Beat Army Tailgate sponsored by Trident Home Loans (http://tridenthomeloans.com) and Classmate Marty Medve at Pickles Pub in downtown Baltimore starting at 1130 on Dec. 10. The link to register is on the Class of ’85 website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net/2016/10/23/army-navy-2016-tailgate/ The cost is $40 at the door for a great food buffet, drink specials in a private room upstairs at the pub and a GREAT time as we get pumped up for the game against our arch rival. Our classmate Jim Berdeguez has designed some awesome Beat Army Shirts and they are on sale at the class apparel website: http://usna85.deco-apparel.comThe ordering deadline is November 30 to receive them either at the game or your home prior to game day so you wear them to your Beat Army party. For those that order to pick up at the game, they will be available for pick-up at Pickles Pub at the tailgate (say that 3 times fast). PLEASE register soon if you are coming, I need to get a head count to the bar by early next week for their food order. We will be at least 100 strong and may fill the room to its capacity of 125.

In review, HUGE game Saturday against Temple in the AAC Championship game at 1200 with tailgating before and after starting at 1000 at our usual tailgate site; and then we set out sites on Army the following week. Tailgate registration for the Army game is open and the tee shirt ordering deadline is fast approaching. Phew, it’s hard work being part of this class! I will be watching this Saturday from Michigan and will look forward to seeing many of you the following weekend in Baltimore. I will put out news about a Friday night Happy Hour in Baltimore for those in town, it will be near the Inner Harbor. If you are going to be in Baltimore that evening, let me know. Safe Travels and Beat Temple!! Contact me with any questions: robertsmith5@att.net or 502-432-6185.

Go Navy!!!!

Bob Smith ’85


I want to thank Classmate Jim Berdeguez for coming up with special edition tee shirts (men’s and women’s, short and long sleeve) to commemorate this year’s Army/Navy game. I have attached some photos to this email and you can access pictures and order these shirts on our apparel website: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com

Now, if you choose to order and are attending the Army/Navy game, you can save shipping and pick up your shirts at the indoor tailgate at Pickle’s Pub. If you want to do this, please indicate when ordering. Otherwise, Jim has options for shipping to your home or business. Help us support Jim’s company and our class and get your BEAT ARMY tee shirt today! I will have a limited number on sale the weekend of Army/Navy at Pickles, but order now to make sure you get the shirts you want. Ladies, we have provided you shirts so now is your chance, I heard your voices asking for nice ladies apparel. I want to again thank Jim and his staff for these shirts and for being flexible with our class. He will donate a portion of proceeds to support our Class fund. Go Navy and BEAT ARMY! Get your shirt today whether you are coming to the game or watching with fellow alums or at home with family or friends.

Thanks. Bob Smith ’85



Email Blast Nov 2, 2016


I am proud to announce that the Class of ’85 will be honoring the memory of fallen Classmate Kevin Bianchi at our final home tailgate on November 12th against Tulsa. We are hosting Kevin’s wife Barrie, son Chris (a USNA youngster), son Kevin and daughter Julia and several other family members. The game starts at 1200 and the tailgate kicks off at 1000 that day and will go until after the game. Please bring food to share for this tailgate and our class will provide Chesapeake Brewing Co. beer, red and white wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Just about everyone knew Kevin (or Block as many of us knew him) and we can all say that he was “That Guy”. The one who made you laugh out loud and always made you feel good just being in the same room. We lost him in July of 2003 in a helicopter crash in the Med and still remember him fondly. Here is a link to Kevin’s obituary to help you recall: https://www.maplewoodonline.com/matters/bianchi/.

Please join us at our final home tailgate of the season to cheer Navy to a win over Tulsa and to help us honor one of our fallen heroes. If you have a picture of Kevin you want to share, please bring it to share on our memorial table that day. USNA will honor the Bianchi Family during the game and at a private ceremony and the Class of ’85 is proud to do the rest.

I am currently down in Jacksonville today and putting the final touches on our 31st Class Reunion. We will kick off the weekend with a Class of ’85 Meet and Greet at Alice and Pete’s Pub inside the Marriott Sawgrass at 1900 on Thursday (I am arriving at 2000, but sure the party can get started without Sherry and I for an hour or so). I have contacted all the golfers for Friday morning and we are all set to go. The Friday Dinner kicks off at 1800 at the Lagoon Poolside with a FREE Happy hour from 1800-1900 (this was given us by the hotel since their beach Cabana Club was blown away by the hurricane) and then dinner and cash bar to follow. For guys, dress slacks or khakis and a golf or collared shirt is appropriate attire and for ladies, a sun dress or equivalent (it may be a cool evening, so bring a wrap). Get there EARLY to enjoy FREE beer and wine! On Saturday, those riding the motor coaches we will meet at the front entrance to the Marriott Conference Center at 0845 SHARP for a 0900 SHARP departure. There will be staff to help direct you to our Academy Bus Co. busses and transport you to our tailgate by 0930 as we open the doors. For those driving or coming via other means, here are the coordinates of our tailgate parking lot: https://www.google.com/maps?q=717+Lafayette+st,+Jacksonville,+FL+32202,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=image

The Bloody Mary Bar opens at 0930 and the tailgate will go for about 2 hours after game ending time and our Barb B Q buffet will be served post game with Cheese and fruit before the game. The weather looks great for fall football, dress appropriately. If you need tickets, please check Facebook as classmates have tickets for sale.

For those who do not know this, there is a beach front Airshow on Jacksonville Beach this weekend featuring the Blue Angels. Here is some info if you might like to take in the Friday practice or the Airshow’s Sunday performance: http://www.makeascenedowntown.com/Events/Jacksonville-Sea-Sky-Spectacular-(1)

Finally, we have put the Bear Army Class of ’85 Indoor tailgate up on our website for registration. This event is Pre-game on Saturday December 10th at Pickles Pub from 1130-1430 with a 1530 game kickoff. The cost is $40 and our class has a private room upstairs at the pub. See the Class website for details and to register, payment is via cash at the door that day. Here is our link: http://1985.usnaclasses.net/2016/10/23/army-navy-2016-tailgate/ If you are bringing more than 4 adults, please add that as a note for my head count.

Okay, lots of pertinent info in this blast. I will only be doing Facebook updates going forward for this weekend, so watch our ’85 group page. As always, my cell is: 502-432-6185 and you know my email. I am excited to see many of you this weekend and take in a great victory over Notre Dame and some nice Florida weather. Go Navy and Beat the Irish (revenge for Dublin would be sweet).

Regards,  Bob Smith ’85

Please find information for the class Army-Navy 2016 below.  At the bottom of the page there is a registration form.  Please complete it so we can get an accurate count.

Indoor tailgate at:

  • Pickles Pub
  •  520 Washington Blvd.
  •  Baltimore, MD. 21230

Saturday Dec. 10th (Game kickoff 1530)

Private room for over 100 people upstairs with our own bar and dedicated staff

Start time of 11:00 am and goes until 30 minutes prior to kickoff. Menu as follows:

  • From 1130-1230:
    • Three Amigos platter (Salsa, hummus and guacamole) served with pita bread, carrot and celery sticks and tortilla chips
    • Wings Buffet style (Honey BBQ and Medium)
    • Crab Pretzel topped with crab dip and Cheddar Cheese
    • 16 Inch Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas
  • From 1230-1430:
    • Three Amigos Platter (see above)
    • Build your own sandwich with choice of Pulled Pork, Beef and Turkey
    • Old Bay potato chips and coleslaw, condiments and dressings
    • Full Private Bar throughout the event with $3.00 domestic 16 oz. cans (Miller Lt, Bud LT, Coors LT, Yuengling and Natty Boh); $5.00 house red and white wines

Cost: $40 pay at the door (cash please if possible for entrance) and credit cards for bar tabs accepted. $30 for kids 15 and under, kids 6 and under free

Adults, kids 7-15 and kids 6 and under for head counts helps me here. All money collected at the door with entrance fee preferred in cash. Credit Cards for bar tabs is okay.

Registration Form

Hello Class of ’85 and Happy Thanksgiving!!

First off, My wife and I wish all of you and your families the Happiest of Thanksgivings and hope you get to spend it with your families and extended families eating large amounts of your favorite comfort foods and watching lots of football. Speaking of FOOTBALL! I am sure we will all be watching those amazing Mids this Friday (11/27) at noon EST as they secure the AAC West Conference Title and a home game for the AAC Championship Game on December 5th. If that is the case, ’85 will have news on our tailgate for that game. I am also very happy to announce the final plans for our 5th “almost annual” Indoor Tailgate Party for this year’s Army/Navy game on Saturday December 12th. We will once again be at the Stadium Sports Bar inside the Holiday Inn Philadelphia located at 900 Packer Ave.; the website of the hotel is: http://www.hiphilly.com.

The party starts at 11:30 am on Dec. 12th and includes the following for a $30 per person cover charge collected at the door (game starts at 1500):



We’d like to get an idea of how many people are going to Army/Navy this year and how many would attend a Class of ’85 Tailgate (pay at the door) event.  Please answer the following questions so that we can determine the interest level for planning.  Thanks much in advance:

Go Navy! Beat Army Again!!