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I will reuse Vic Otero’s words:  “This is destiny and fate working together. Who can doubt that Kevin was with his kid during that climb. 1200 plus plebes and little “block” gets to the top. All of 1985 has a special place in our heart for Chris Bianchi, we will always watch over him.”

Maybe Kevin and the rest of our classmates up there knew we were nuts to try climbing Herndon again and gave us truly one heck of a reminder.  Who better than an ’85 offspring to succeed!  A hearty congratulations to Chris.

Read the Navy Times article here.

Another glorious day for ’85!  The weather didn’t stop us from starting with the morning memorial service to the re-climb of Herndon to lunch get together and finally the reunion dinner!

Over $2000 was raised for Luke’s Wings charity.  Thank you for participating in the raffle and supporting a good cause.

More classmates checked in today and continued to make the weekend great!

Tomorrow – it’s tailgate time!

Get ready to show the ’85 spirit!

Go Navy!  Beat Air Force!

’85 is continuing the momentum of our 30th reunion!  What a great turnout it has been so far.  Thanks to all that have made the trek!

We packed Fado’s last night!  Some pictures are posted on last night’s blog.  Others are in the Facebook group.  Let’s get them uploaded so we can always remember this is the reunion to remember!

Weather Update:  Looks like Joaquin is turning to the NW and heading out to the Atlantic.  It will still be wet so dress for the weather.  I’m sure our classmates up above had something to do with it, too!

Here is today’s schedule:

Friday October 2nd

(0730-1900) – Midshipmen Store Hours
(0800-1500) – Rick Campbell at the Mid Store signing his books(0900-1700) – Visitor Center Hours
(0900-1700) – Museum Hours
(0900-1700) – Reunion Registration Check-in Westin Hotel
(0900-1000)  – Memorial Service Singers meet in St. Andrew’s Chapel
(1000-1100)  – Memorial Main Chapel
(1030-1100) – Dedication of the ADM Larson Administration Building
(1100)  –  HERNDON 3.0!!!!!!!
(1350-1500) – Superintendent Briefing and Alumni Association Welcome to all classes Mahan Hall
(1915-2030)  – Jewish Service in Levy Center
(1800-2200) – Dinner Banquet at the Stadium Lawrence Banquet Room
(1830) – Informal Business Meeting at Class Dinner

Remember to refer to the , too!

Let’s have a Great ’85 Day!