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Email sent 10/18/2017

Class of ’85,

Thanks to those of you who have signed up for coming to this weekend’s game and tailgate. We are around 60 people signed up for the tailgate Saturday. We could use a few more volunteers for bags of ice and a few more volunteers for tear down duty. This is a catered tailgate, so if you are coming and have not signed up at:


PLEASE PLEASE go and sign up right now! If you want to bring some food, go ahead please, but we will have a full catered BarbBQ menu from Mission Barbecue as well as beer and wine. Set up at 11:00, tailgate starts at 11:30 with food around 12:30. The tailgate will go for an hour or so after the game as well. As always, we will have our class donation box, to help us cover this weekend’s catered event, I am suggesting a $25 per person donation to the box (Thank you!) We look forward to seeing everyone again this week as Navy Football attempts to rebound from a tough loss at Memphis. UCF is a good team, so I am sure Navy will be ready for redemption and prove their toughness for the home crowd.

Friday night is our Class 32nd Reunion party at the Chesapeake Brewing Company. 114 W. Street, Annapolis. We will gather there at 7:00 pm and have our own area reserved for the rest of the evening. If you can come, that would be great, we hope to have a good crowd that evening as USNA ’85 celebrates another year in the books after graduation. We thank Dave and Carolyn Marquis for hosting our class, they will have some snacks, food items from their menu and beers and drinks available from the Beat Army Bar. If you have any questions about this weekend, please text me at: 502-432-6185 or email at: robertsmith5@att.net

Go Navy and Beat UCF and Army (Air Force taken care of!)

Regards and safe travels,

Bob Smith ’85

Email sent 10/10/2017


For those of you who do not know this, our classmate, Rick Campbell, has become a best-selling author of military thrillers with favorable comparisons to Tom Clancy. I have now read his latest Book Blackmail and can tell you, it is perhaps his best in a list of really amazing books (I have read them all!). I pick up one of his books and cannot put it down… PERIOD! Rick will be at the USNA Midstore from 19-21 October doing book signings and as he has done in the past, he will donate a percentage of the proceeds to our Class of ’85 Fund. Last year, that was over $600 and was very much appreciated. Here is some info on Rick’s books:

Author of military thrillers published by Macmillan / St. Martin’s Press.  Find out more at –  rickcampbellauthor.com
PRAISE for Rick Campbell books  Barnes & Noble Top-20 Bestsellers!
— TRIDENT DECEPTION:  “The best submarine novel since Tom Clancy’s classic The Hunt For Red October.” — Booklist
— EMPIRE RISING:  “Another riveting thriller by Rick Campbell. A MUST READ!” — Publishers Weekly
— ICE STATION NAUTILUS:  “Exciting and intense! When I finished, I realized I’d been holding my breath for way too long.” — BookLikes
BLACKMAIL – on sale June 27th, 2017 at bookstores everywhere (hardcover, eBook, and audiobook).  
— Available at Barnes & Noble, select COSTCOs, Books-A-Million, Amazon, Apple iTunes, GooglePlay, and many more!
— “The submarine and surface-ship battles are pitch-perfect, and readers will shudder with every missile strike and exploding depth charge.” — Publishers Weekly
As you can see, his list of books is growing as well as his accolades. Like I said, if you have not read any yet, go ahead today and buy them or download them. If you do not enjoy any of his books, I will refund your money myself, as I am a HUGE fan of Rick’s work. As notable, Rick has been very generous with the proceeds from his books donating to many groups supporting our soldiers, sailors and marines. Thanks Rick and we look forward to seeing him in Annapolis. He will be join us for the Homecoming game class events.
Get out there today and support a great classmate, better yet, get some reading that you will truly enjoy no matter what your military background is or was and have some of your proceeds go to great causes. Go Navy and support Rick today!!
Bob Smith ’85
Email Sent 9/28/2017

Greetings ’85,

We are coming off a great win against Cincinnati last weekend and another successful ’85 tailgate. Charlie Smith and his crew had the grill fired up and the brats and Chili were served up with cold beers. We are looking ahead to the Air Force home game on October 7th. We will be in full force next weekend in Annapolis. Here is a note from Charlie regarding our plans:

Classmates, it looks like fall is finally coming to the East Coast and Navy is preparing to face Air Force on October 7th.   We had a good turnout for the Cincinnati game and expect to have an even larger turnout for the Air Force game.  The theme for this tailgater will be FRY the FALCONs but we will be cooking chicken since Falcons are hard to come by.
The grill will be hot and the beer will be cold.  If you plan to attend, please use the signup list to let us know what you plan to bring but feel free to bring something else.  The sign up list can be found at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a48abab28aaf49-beat
Looking ahead, we will have a fully catered tailgate for the Homecoming weekend game on October 21st against UCF and I will be looking for get an accurate head count closer to that game. We are planning an ’85 get together Friday night the 26th to celebrate our informal 32nd Class Reunion at the Chesapeake Brewing Co. owned by classmate Dave and Carolyn Marquis, stay tuned for more details and a sign up soon. As always, please see the USNA ’85 website for travel information for the 2018 season and our trips to Hawaii and to San Diego: http://1985.usnaclasses.net
Thanks in advance for your support in making the ’85 tailgaters great again.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Charlie Smith at charles.m.smith@gmail.com or me at (502) 432-6185.  As always, donations are appreciated in our game day collection box that go towards covering the cost of the beer and wine and our tailgate equipment and tent.  I also appreciate all the assistance with setup and tear down. Go Navy and Beat Tulsa on the road and come into the Air Force game ready and undefeated. If anyone has extra tickets they need to sell, I have classmates who need them, so PLEASE contact me directly and I will broker a deal. Regards,  Bob Smith ’85
Email sent 9/5/2017

Class of ’85,

I am proud to announce that we are on track for a great tailgate this Saturday for the game against Tulane. The game kickoff is at 3:30 pm and the tailgate kicks off at 11:30 am. We are expecting at least a 100 people this Saturday and I have ordered catering from Bo Brooks for that many. We will have Beat Army Lager from the Chesapeake Brewing Co. on tap, wine and non-alcoholic beverages available. This will be the debut of our new Class of ’85 tent that many of you helped to fund. We will also unveil our new Class of ’85 tailgate trailer along with live TV at the tailgate for the first time.

I want to thank Frank Proctor, Marty Medve and several other classmates who are putting on a Memorial Golf Tournament in honor of fallen Classmate Kevin Bianchi this Friday. This is a charity event raising money for the Bianchi Family and for other military families who have lost a spouse/parent. Many of our 40 plus classmates participating in the golf tournament will be attending the tailgate this weekend and I ask you to thank them for all they have done in putting on this event. I have attached a flyer for this event for you to see what they have done and perhaps support this event. We stand by all our fallen classmates like Kevin and his family and always will; something ’85 takes pride and honor in doing.

Looking ahead, I have asked Dave and Carolyn Marquis to open up their Brewpub, The Chesapeake Brewing Company in Annapolis, the evening of October 20th from 6:00-9:00 pm so we can have an official Class of ’85 32nd Reunion party on Homecoming weekend. I will soon post a link for registering for this event on the class website and we will use that to get a count of those attending both the Friday night event and Saturday tailgate. I hope for a good turnout for this Friday evening event as well as for our catered tailgate the next day at the UCF game. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details as we get closer to that event. For now, come and join us this Saturday, please be generous in helping me support class tailgating by donating to the Class of ’85 tailgate fund donation box. Come ready to see Navy kick some Green Wave butt this weekend and Go Navy!!  Regards,  Bob Smith ’85

Email Blast – 12 Oct 2016

Greetings Class of ’85,

After an impressive win against the #6 Houston Cougars, Navy has landed at #25 in the national rankings as they enjoy an unscheduled bye week due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and the postponement of the East Carolina game scheduled for this week. The next game is going to be Homecoming against Memphis on October 22 at 1530. This will be the “big” tailgate for this season as we will cater this through Bo Brooks catering, and as always, have beer and wine from the Chesapeake Brewing Company courtesy of Dave and Carolyn Marquis. With a 1530 game start, we will kick off the tailgating at 1200 on the 22nd and food to be delivered by 1300. I need to get a head count so I can order the proper amount of food for this, so please email me at: robertsmith5@att.netif you are attending and how many you will have in your party. I appreciate those of you who sent me donations to support our class tailgating and as always, we will have the donation box out to help cover some of the cost of this tailgate and future events.

The Navy/Notre Dame weekend is approaching fast. I can still accept some last minute registrations if you find that you might be able to attend the game, the dinner or the tailgate and have not signed up as of yet. You can do this by contacting me directly or getting on the class website and registering for the events and I will receive that info and contact you. Some of you signed up and I contacted everyone who registered, but some of you have not paid me yet and I REALLY need to get that taken care of or it will come out of my personal finances to cover the required prepayment on all our events. We have a GREAT crowd signed up and I really look forward to seeing many of you in Jacksonville. If you are driving and need parking spot near our tailgate, you can go to this website and reserve your spot: http://www.jacksonville-stadium-parking.comThe cost is $40 to park and you will be a short walk to and from the tailgate and stadium. For those not riding the bus, this is where you will go to find our class tailgate on Saturday. We will start at 0930 with a Bloody Mary bar (beer and wine), fruit and snacks before the game and then have a full barbeque menu after the game is completed. If you have any questions, please email or call me: 502-432-6185.

In looking ahead, at Army/Navy this year I have reserved a room in Pickles Pub near the Ravens Stadium for our annual Indoor Class of ’85 Tailgate Party prior to the game. We will kick that off around 1100 on Saturday the 10th and more details will follow via emails, the class website and Facebook. Cost is $40 per person, $30 for kids 15 and under (kids under 6 free). I will have a sign up on the class website soon as well as the menu and event details for this, so please register when it goes up: http://1985.usnaclasses.net

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have any tickets or access to tickets for this game, as much as I wish I did. You will have to rely on other sources like StubHub if you need them.

So, lots happening in the coming weeks for our Class and for Navy Football. My wife and I will be in town for Homecoming and for the dedication of the Grace Hopper Cyber Security Center. Our Class is a major donor for that project and I am excited to see it finally open for business and proud we played such a pivotal role in funding it. Go Navy, Beat Memphis and I hope to see many of in Annapolis for Homecoming weekend or down in Jacksonville for Notre Dame weekend. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE HOMECOMING GAME AND TAILGATE!!

Regards,  Bob


EMAIL Blast 15 Oct 2015


I am back on the watch after a very nice and relaxing week in Cancun. Thanks for all the kind emails and thank you’s Sherry and I have received after our Class 30th Reunion. It was such a treat and honor to see so many of our class turn out for an amazing weekend in honor of our 30th  (Damn the Weather!!). So, in the spirit of keeping the positive momentum going, we are turning our sites to the next big things:

  1. USNA ’85 Homecoming Tailgate
  2. USNA ’85 Army/Navy Tailgate
  3. USNA ’85 31st Reunion in Jacksonville, FL, at the Navy v. Notre Dame Game on Nov. 5, 2016.

First things first. We need a head count for the Homecoming Tailgate on October 24th at NMCS against Tulane. The game is a 1300 kickoff, so we will plan on starting the tailgate at round 1030 am and will have our tailgate catered with food being served around 1130. Classmate Dave Marquis, who you may remember is the owner of Chesapeake Brewing Company and the “father” of BEAT ARMY GOLDEN LAGER, will be serving beer and wine as well. We need a decent head count to insure we have enough food and beverage. I ask that you PLEASE contact Dave McDonnell with your attendance numbers ASAP. We will be tented, so once again, this should be an all weather event. Dave’s email is: david_555@verizon.net. The cost is free, we ask that you bring your own beverages (other than beer and red/white wine which we will serve). Bo Brooks (who catered both the class dinner and tailgate) will be catering our food for us, so come hungry.

In the next few days, we will be putting out surveys using our class website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net. Our hope is to get head counts for the Army/Navy tailgate and a preliminary number of those who would attend a class weekend in Jax for the Notre Dame weekend next year. Our plan is to have a large hotel block at the Marriott TPC Sawgrass complete with golf outings, shopping trips to St. Augustine, a Friday (post golf) dinner and a Saturday Class Tailgate near EverBank Field for game day. Keep this in mind and stay tuned for more info. PLEASE get back to us ASAP though if you are coming to the Homecoming game. As always, contact me with questions or comments: robertsmith5@att.net or 502-432-6185.

Go Navy!!

Regards,  Bob Smith ’85

PS I will be posting the website to order some of the professional photos taken during our events on Reunion Weekend. I saw them today and it was fun to look at all these photos and order some for framing.

Here’s the menu for the Tulane game on 24 Oct will be:

  • Southern hand-pulled pork BBQ
  • Slow Baked BBQ Chicken
  • Baked Beans
  • Corn Bread
  • Old Bay Potato Chips
  • Kaiser Rolls
  • Homemade Cole Slaw
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies
  • Assorted Drinks

Don’t forget to RSVP to Dave McDonnell at david_555@verizon.net by Oct 17!



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