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Email Nov 2, 2016

Classmates attending Navy Notre Dame Tailgate

For those of you taking the busses, you can ignore this. For those of you driving your own cars: The vendor is going to lower his parking rates to $20 online tonight at 6:00 pm EST so hold off on buying your passes until then. I HIGHLY recommend using this lot that sits between Lafayette and Spearing Streets and it will cost you $20 on either Paypal or at the gate but you will literally be our tailgate. The parking site price reduction will this evening, so if you pre-pay, hold off. Upon entering the lot, ID yourself as a member of the Class of ’85 and they will park you by our tailgate. In this lot, you will see a large yellow building that looks like a house, that is where our tailgate is taking place. We have indoor restrooms inside this house for our private use during the tailgate. The lot is only a few blocks from Everbank Stadium. Here is that link for the lot:


If you have questions, call Jeff Thompson at: 904-424-4731. If you pay on Paypal, you can print your receipt and bring that with you or they will have a list of names of those who paid online as you enter to check you off. It should be easy to find, look for the large yellow building and I will try and have our Class flag on this house early Saturday morning. Contact me with any questions and see you Saturday. I have posted a picture of this yellow house on FB.



Email Blast Nov 2, 2016


I am proud to announce that the Class of ’85 will be honoring the memory of fallen Classmate Kevin Bianchi at our final home tailgate on November 12th against Tulsa. We are hosting Kevin’s wife Barrie, son Chris (a USNA youngster), son Kevin and daughter Julia and several other family members. The game starts at 1200 and the tailgate kicks off at 1000 that day and will go until after the game. Please bring food to share for this tailgate and our class will provide Chesapeake Brewing Co. beer, red and white wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Just about everyone knew Kevin (or Block as many of us knew him) and we can all say that he was “That Guy”. The one who made you laugh out loud and always made you feel good just being in the same room. We lost him in July of 2003 in a helicopter crash in the Med and still remember him fondly. Here is a link to Kevin’s obituary to help you recall: https://www.maplewoodonline.com/matters/bianchi/.

Please join us at our final home tailgate of the season to cheer Navy to a win over Tulsa and to help us honor one of our fallen heroes. If you have a picture of Kevin you want to share, please bring it to share on our memorial table that day. USNA will honor the Bianchi Family during the game and at a private ceremony and the Class of ’85 is proud to do the rest.

I am currently down in Jacksonville today and putting the final touches on our 31st Class Reunion. We will kick off the weekend with a Class of ’85 Meet and Greet at Alice and Pete’s Pub inside the Marriott Sawgrass at 1900 on Thursday (I am arriving at 2000, but sure the party can get started without Sherry and I for an hour or so). I have contacted all the golfers for Friday morning and we are all set to go. The Friday Dinner kicks off at 1800 at the Lagoon Poolside with a FREE Happy hour from 1800-1900 (this was given us by the hotel since their beach Cabana Club was blown away by the hurricane) and then dinner and cash bar to follow. For guys, dress slacks or khakis and a golf or collared shirt is appropriate attire and for ladies, a sun dress or equivalent (it may be a cool evening, so bring a wrap). Get there EARLY to enjoy FREE beer and wine! On Saturday, those riding the motor coaches we will meet at the front entrance to the Marriott Conference Center at 0845 SHARP for a 0900 SHARP departure. There will be staff to help direct you to our Academy Bus Co. busses and transport you to our tailgate by 0930 as we open the doors. For those driving or coming via other means, here are the coordinates of our tailgate parking lot: https://www.google.com/maps?q=717+Lafayette+st,+Jacksonville,+FL+32202,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=image

The Bloody Mary Bar opens at 0930 and the tailgate will go for about 2 hours after game ending time and our Barb B Q buffet will be served post game with Cheese and fruit before the game. The weather looks great for fall football, dress appropriately. If you need tickets, please check Facebook as classmates have tickets for sale.

For those who do not know this, there is a beach front Airshow on Jacksonville Beach this weekend featuring the Blue Angels. Here is some info if you might like to take in the Friday practice or the Airshow’s Sunday performance: http://www.makeascenedowntown.com/Events/Jacksonville-Sea-Sky-Spectacular-(1)

Finally, we have put the Bear Army Class of ’85 Indoor tailgate up on our website for registration. This event is Pre-game on Saturday December 10th at Pickles Pub from 1130-1430 with a 1530 game kickoff. The cost is $40 and our class has a private room upstairs at the pub. See the Class website for details and to register, payment is via cash at the door that day. Here is our link: http://1985.usnaclasses.net/2016/10/23/army-navy-2016-tailgate/ If you are bringing more than 4 adults, please add that as a note for my head count.

Okay, lots of pertinent info in this blast. I will only be doing Facebook updates going forward for this weekend, so watch our ’85 group page. As always, my cell is: 502-432-6185 and you know my email. I am excited to see many of you this weekend and take in a great victory over Notre Dame and some nice Florida weather. Go Navy and Beat the Irish (revenge for Dublin would be sweet).

Regards,  Bob Smith ’85

Email – 21 Oct 2016

Class of ’85,

Glad to say Happy Homecoming to the Class of ’85, I arrived in Annapolis this morning and am proudly representing the Class of ’85 at the dedication of Hopper Hall on the grounds of USNA. It is named after Rear Adm. Grace Hopper who many of you might remember from our time at the Naval Academy. She was a brilliant mind and at the forefront of computer technology back in the 80’s. The building is going to be a center of Cyber Security Excellence for the Navy and Navy Midshipmen and I am proud our Class was a major contributor to this dream becoming a reality.

Our home tailgate will kick off at noon Saturday at our usual tailgate site (spot 41) and I have rented a large tent with sides to give us a break from the weather so we can enjoy warm food and cold beverages and celebrate a Navy win over Memphis. No need to bring anything, unless you are drinking other than beer, wine, sodas or water. We will have fried chicken, pulled pork and sides provided by Bo Brooks catering and beverages supplied by Chesapeake Brewing Co. Text or call with questions: 502-432-6185. If anyone is in Annapolis and wants to get together later today (Friday), please text me as my wife and I will be in town for the evening and enjoying some time at the Chesapeake Brewing Co. on West Street. Otherwise, see you at the tailgate and game tomorrow. We will be over 100 strong based on responses, if you did not respond, you are still welcome to join us, we will have plenty.

The Notre Dame weekend, aka our 31st Reunion Weekend, is in final planning stages, I can still accept tailgate requests and I could use a few more to play golf. If you need game tickets in the Class of ’85 section, I have extras so please get in touch with me and I can take care of you while my supply lasts. Face Value is $85 for good seats. I will be sending out more info in the week ahead for those of you traveling down or living in Jacksonville with event specifics. If you want to attend, we would love to have you join us. We are well represented that weekend (approaching 200 for the tailgate) and the weather in FL is looking beautiful!

Travel Safe and I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend. Go Navy…. BEAT MEMPHIS!!!

Regards,  Bob Smith

Email Blast – 12 Oct 2016

Greetings Class of ’85,

After an impressive win against the #6 Houston Cougars, Navy has landed at #25 in the national rankings as they enjoy an unscheduled bye week due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and the postponement of the East Carolina game scheduled for this week. The next game is going to be Homecoming against Memphis on October 22 at 1530. This will be the “big” tailgate for this season as we will cater this through Bo Brooks catering, and as always, have beer and wine from the Chesapeake Brewing Company courtesy of Dave and Carolyn Marquis. With a 1530 game start, we will kick off the tailgating at 1200 on the 22nd and food to be delivered by 1300. I need to get a head count so I can order the proper amount of food for this, so please email me at: robertsmith5@att.netif you are attending and how many you will have in your party. I appreciate those of you who sent me donations to support our class tailgating and as always, we will have the donation box out to help cover some of the cost of this tailgate and future events.

The Navy/Notre Dame weekend is approaching fast. I can still accept some last minute registrations if you find that you might be able to attend the game, the dinner or the tailgate and have not signed up as of yet. You can do this by contacting me directly or getting on the class website and registering for the events and I will receive that info and contact you. Some of you signed up and I contacted everyone who registered, but some of you have not paid me yet and I REALLY need to get that taken care of or it will come out of my personal finances to cover the required prepayment on all our events. We have a GREAT crowd signed up and I really look forward to seeing many of you in Jacksonville. If you are driving and need parking spot near our tailgate, you can go to this website and reserve your spot: http://www.jacksonville-stadium-parking.comThe cost is $40 to park and you will be a short walk to and from the tailgate and stadium. For those not riding the bus, this is where you will go to find our class tailgate on Saturday. We will start at 0930 with a Bloody Mary bar (beer and wine), fruit and snacks before the game and then have a full barbeque menu after the game is completed. If you have any questions, please email or call me: 502-432-6185.

In looking ahead, at Army/Navy this year I have reserved a room in Pickles Pub near the Ravens Stadium for our annual Indoor Class of ’85 Tailgate Party prior to the game. We will kick that off around 1100 on Saturday the 10th and more details will follow via emails, the class website and Facebook. Cost is $40 per person, $30 for kids 15 and under (kids under 6 free). I will have a sign up on the class website soon as well as the menu and event details for this, so please register when it goes up: http://1985.usnaclasses.net

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have any tickets or access to tickets for this game, as much as I wish I did. You will have to rely on other sources like StubHub if you need them.

So, lots happening in the coming weeks for our Class and for Navy Football. My wife and I will be in town for Homecoming and for the dedication of the Grace Hopper Cyber Security Center. Our Class is a major donor for that project and I am excited to see it finally open for business and proud we played such a pivotal role in funding it. Go Navy, Beat Memphis and I hope to see many of in Annapolis for Homecoming weekend or down in Jacksonville for Notre Dame weekend. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE HOMECOMING GAME AND TAILGATE!!

Regards,  Bob


Enail blast – 26 Sep 2016

Class of ’85,

Football season is in full swing and Navy has managed an impressive 3-0 record so far. Our Air Force and Army rivals have good teams and are 3-1 and 3-0, so we know the remainder of the season will get interesting as we fight it out for the CIC trophy and hope it stays in Annapolis. Our next game is at Air Force is this Saturday at 3:30. Chesapeake Brewery in Annapolis will have the game on their new big screen TV so anyone locally can watch the game, enjoy Beat Army Lagers and enjoy discounts on food and beverages. We are gearing up for our next home tailgate against Houston on October 8th. Classmate Eric Bowman is smoking some meats for that game in his Nuke Sub smoker as he has done now for the past several years. We will be asking everyone to please bring a side dish or appetizer or dessert and enjoy some cold Chesapeake Brewing company beers and house wines. Donation jar in place and lots of GREAT food and classmates to enjoy a great game. Looking down the road, our Homecoming tailgate will feature a fully catered event prior to the 1530 kickoff. For those in town the night before, we will have a “Class meeting” at 1900 at the Chesapeake Brewpub on West St. for those   interested in getting a head start. More to come on Homecoming, but make your plans NOW. I will be putting up something on the Class Website to get an accurate headcount for the Homecoming catered event and will make an announcement soon.

Class 31st Reunion Update. Here are the current numbers: Friday Class Dinner at the Marriott poolside: 68, Class pre and post game tailgate at Ever Bank Stadium: 146, Friday Golf outing: 18. These are GREAT numbers and I am hopeful we can add to these. Registrations are available on the Class Website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net . For those of you signed up, I sent you out individual emails about your events and payment information. IF you signed up and did not get an email from me, PLEASE contact me so we can work that out. I want those of you staying at the hotel and attending the tailgate to sign up for the bus transport to and from the game. Many of you are still not signed up for the bus because I added the bus transport after you signed up. PLEASE contact me if you need anything and I invite all classmates to join us for a great weekend and our 31st Reunion Celebration. Please go on the class website and review everything we have going on that weekend and join us if you can. It will be the next “Dublin-like” event that we will all remember for years to come. Also, we need to cheer our Mids to victory over a suspect Notre Dame team. I just found this out today, there is a big Airshow at the beach that weekend with the Navy Blue Angels performing Saturday and Sunday (I imagine a REALLY good flyover at the game).

That is all I have for this week. We are still on track to conduct a class election in the coming months and I will start by putting an announcement in Shipmate so everyone is included. After the announcement, we will set a schedule for nominations and the actual election. If you have a desire to serve we would love to see you run. If you like your current Class Officers, you can also deliver that message. Cheers to everyone and I wish Navy good luck in the weeks ahead. I have heard great things about our home tailgates and attendance so far, so we look forward to the upcoming events at our Class of ’85 home tailgate. As always, contact me if you have any questions or needs. Go Navy, BEAT AIR FORCE!!!

Bob Smith ’85

15 August 2016

Greetings Class of ’85,

As we all ask ourselves: “Where did summer go?”, things like kids in school (college or high school or others) and getting our Navy gear dusted off for another football season are now on the front burner instead of some distant thought. That being said, I am proud to say that we will kick off the home football season against Fordham on September 3rd at NMCS at our usual tailgate site. I will be coodinating the food and beverage support for that tailgate in the days ahead, but wanted to remind everyone the home opener is approaching fast and that the game is scheduled as a 12:00 kickoff, so plan on more of a post game party than pre-game event. Next, I am still actively working on the Class of ’85 “31st Reunion” to take place in Jacksonville, FL as part of the Navy/Notre Dame weekend November 3-6. The schedule is full and can be viewed at our class website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net. We have a sign up form their for those of you wishing to attend. It is NOT too late to sign up for the weekend and make your way down to the Marriott Sawgrass and join many of us already signed up for the events of the weekend. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, I encourage you to join of for the Friday dinner on the beach, the golf outing, the tailgate party and so on. The deadline for sign ups will come FAST, so PLEASE do not wait to get yourself signed up and plan for what will be yet another amazing Class of ’85 event. Email or call me if you have any questions about this weekend. I will be reaching out soon to those of you who have signed up already and we will start an email string specific to that weekend and those attending.

As tailgate season approaches, I want to remind everyone that we stopped using the outside drink vendor last season and we transitioned to having our ’85 Classmate Dave Marquis who has opened his new brewpub, Chesapeake Brewing Company on West Street in Annapolis, as our official Class tailgate vendor for food and drinks. We wanted to make sure that our tailgate was limited to Class of ’85 Friends and families and not all the town drunks, I think we have done that. Instead of collecting donations at the home games and having to track all that, I am asking for those who attend regularly to help contribute to our class tailgate fund and just make one donation for the entire season. With more money, I can do better quality events and cater more games and provide beer and wine. So, not having to pack your cooler with food and beverages has value and I will ask for a voluntary donation so I can use matching funds from our class account to grow our tailgate experience. I want to add a TV to our site and other enhancements and your donations will help. What is a fair guideline? I would say that $20 per adult, per game attending is fair unless you are not eating or drinking, in that case, just show up. You can send your checks to me and put Class of ’85 Tailgate in the memo. My address:

776 South Angola Road

Coldwater, MI  49036

This is not mandatory and we will not be issuing wrist bands or anything, BUT, if we pitch in together we can maintain our world class tailgating each game, afford away tailgating and proudly fly the Class of ’85 at our tent each week enjoying great food and Chesapeake Brewing company beer and wine.

Speaking of away tailgating. Our Classmate Mike Dashiell who lives in Colorado Springs has offered to host our Class of ’85 Tailgate at the Air Force away game this year on Saturday October 1st. Here is what he has given me:

  • Agenda:
    • Friday, 09/30 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Drinks/Appetizers at Rocky Mountain Brewery – 1110 Interquest Pkwy (across from USAFA)
    • Kickoff is Saturday at 1330 local and Tailgate starting at 1130 in the stadium parking lot – catered by Rudees Barbecue including beef brisket/pork barbecue/chicken, sides and iced tea ($25.00-$30.00 per person). Beer/wine is extra.
    • Saturday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Dinner (TBD- possibly Cheyenne Mountain Resort or Country Club of Colorado)
  • Airports: Colorado Springs Airport – 15-20 miles southeast of USAFA Denver International Airport – 70 miles north of USAFA
  • Lodging options: Cheyenne Mountain Resort (approx 15 miles south of USAFA stadium) – $234.00/night or $254.00/night includes breakfast for two, plus $24.00 resort fee plus taxes (amenities include gold course on location, heated swimming pool/whirlpool, gym, tennis, etc) Marriott Residence Inn North (approx 3-4 Miles from stadium) – $142.00/night plus taxes

Please contact Mike if you are interested and I will have this info up on the Class website this week. Mike is at: mdashiell01@gmail.com or his cell is: 757-544-6518. I hope to make this game and imagine we will have some classmates eager to attend! Thanks Mike.

Dave and Carolyn Marquis will be hosting all the away games at the Chesapeake Brewing Company located at 114 West Street for those in Annapolis who want to enjoy food and drink specials and your fellow Classmates and Alums as you cheer the mids on to another successful season.

I am still working on the logistics of our class election coming this Fall so stay tuned. In closing, this will be another GREAT year for Class of ’85 with home and away tailgates and of course the 31st Reunion down south against those Irish bums from South Bend. I am also working on Class events for the Army/Navy game in Baltimore this year and will have that out to you and on the class website when we announce it. For now, PLEASE consider supporting the Class tailgate fund with a small donation and PLEASE get your travel plans in place for the 31st reunion. Cheers to everyone and BEAT Fordham and BEAT Army! Regards,  Bob Smith ’85

PS: For those of you in need of some awesome Navy ’85 Apparel for the upcoming season, PLEASE visit our class store at: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com.


Please see the updated Navy-Notre Dame 2016 Weekend page for events, prices, and payment information.  New addition to the registration form is optional transportation from the Marriott to/from the tailgate at $20/person.  Please update your registration (here) if you wish to take advantage of this.  Final payment is due NLT 1 October 2016.  Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Bob Smith.

Here are the menus for Friday night dinner and Saturday’s tailgate:

Friday Dinner – Golfer’s  Grille at $135 per person hosted at the Marriott Cabana Club Beachside: 

  • Grilled Watermelon, Baby Arugula, Dried Cranberries, Red Onions, Candied Pecans and Champagne Vinaigrette
  • Sicilian Summer Salad
  • Pasta Salad-sweet apples, smoked ham, grilled pineapple and citrus dressing
  • Herb Crusted Rib Eye Steak, carved, served with brandied mushrooms and onions
  • Jack Daniels smoked beef brisket
  • Roasted Salmon with lemon broth
  • Roasted Root Vegetables,
  • Whole grain rice pilaf
  • Rolls and sweet butter
  • Pastry Chef sweet delights selection
  • Coffees and Tea
  • 2 Drink tickets per person good for Wine (Red or White) or Beer
  • Cash bar Available with room charge capability

Saturday Tailgate for $60 per person (Game Kickoff at 11:30 am):

  • 9:30-11:00 am:
    • Assorted Cheeses and Fruits and Bloody Mary Bar (Beer and Wine)
  • Post Game for 2 hours:
    • Slow Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork
    • Monroe’s Smokehouse Chicken
    • Slow Smoked Beef Brisket
    • Baked Beans
    • Cole Slaw
    • Cornbread
    • Garlic Bread
    • Sweet & Unsweet Iced Tea
    • Tap Beers and assorted wines from Chesapeake Brewing Company


EMAIL Blast 3 March 2016

Class of ’85,

       I hope this email finds all of you well and ready for Winter to be over and Spring to start soon. Before we know it, it will be Navy football season again and that means Class of ’85 tailgates. It also means, each day we get closer to the our 31st Class Reunion in Jacksonville, FL. at the Navy/Notre Dame game. (We will still have a full slate of home game tailgating and special events all season long. A few away tailgates this year sponsored by Class of ’85 and volunteer classmates in away game cities.) As of this week, we officially sold out the Navy ’85 and USNA sold out their entire block of almost 10,000 tickets for the ND game. We are by far, as expected, the largest single class attending and sitting together. We sold a total of 286 tickets to Class of ’85 members and families/friends. GREAT NEWS!! Now, let’s translate that into a great weekend at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort, our Friday Golf Outing, Shopping Trip to St. Augustine, Beachside dinner and of course, our tailgate and Navy Victory over Notre Dame on Saturday with an 11:30 am kickoff. I have finally settled the contract and site logistics for our tailgate. We have selected to partner with Monroe’s Barbecue and Smokehouse catering and with an 11:30 am game, we have opted for the following menu:

Pre-Game from 9:30-11:00, assorted cheese and fresh fruit snack and a Bloody Mary Bar (beer, wine and other non-alcoholic drinks to be served). After the game for 2 hours, we will then serve our main course of:

Slow Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork, Monroe’s Smokehouse Chicken, Slow Smoked Beef Brisket, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Cornbread, Garlic Bread, Sweet & Unsweet Iced Tea. Beer from the Chesapeake Brewery on tap, red and white wine. We will have restrooms available at our tailgate site (address is TBA).  

The cost for the Tailgate will be $60 per person for adults, kids 12-18 $45 and under 12 $20. Motor coaches to and from the Marriott will be $20 per person round trip. The St. Augustine sightseeing trip will be $30 to cover the transportation cost to and from St. Augustine from 10:00 am-3:00pm. (Buses depart at 10 and return by 3). How do you sign up? We have put all of this on the class website and you fill out your form and I will contact you to arrange payment via check or Paypal. Deadlines for registering for Events will be October 1st. AS ALWAYS, it helps me if you at least sign up so I have a rough estimate of where we are in numbers for various events. I will to collect money for events by 10/1/16 in order to pay all the vendors we are working with to make this happen, most require advance settlement. I am optimistic that with 286 tickets sold it will equate to at least 150 at our class dinner Friday on the beach and 200 or more at the class tailgate Saturday outside EverBank Stadium. If you are driving to the tailgate, there is a 250 car parking lot adjacent to our tailgate and I will publish info on how to find that lot and even reserve a spot in advance. (stay tuned to my emails and the Class of ’85 website for more info.) 

Okay, we are really LOOKING GREAT on this event and if you have not purchased tickets, you still can, go to this website: http://www.ticketmaster.com/navy-v-notre-dame-presented-by-jacksonville-florida-11-05-2016/event/22004F9DF9358E27?artistid=821772&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=8=_blank. (You will not be seated with our Class however). Visit our Class website or email me to register and or pay. Our class website again is: http://1985.usnaclasses.net. All of the info for hotel and dinner is on the Class website and this info will be posted soon to both the website and Facebook. I am very much looking forward to a “Dublin-like” event and as always, seeing so many of our Class of ’85 members and families and friends. My email is: robertsmith5@att.net. Get started today and get your plans together for an amazing Florida weekend.

Cheers and Go Navy!!

Bob Smith (Your travel expert) 


EMAIL Blast 22 Feb 2016


I just received an email from the Navy Group ticket office since Navy has sold out and we still have some tickets left in our block. If you are ready to purchase tickets, go to this link: https://www.groupticketwindow.com/groupticket/college/navy/group. Once at this link, our username is: 1985FL and our password is: gonavy (These are CASE SENSITIVE). You can buy your tickets and have them sent to you. Not sure how much longer tickets will last, so do not delay on this one.

Below I have pasted information my previous email reserving the rooms in our Class of ’85 block at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort at the group rate of $179:

As in the past like the Dublin Trip in 2012 and the 30th Reunion last October, I have built an event and I know that ’85 WILL COME!! The registration for this weekend is now open to all aspects except the tailgate party that is still in progress and the Friday excursion to St. Augustine. This is what I have so far: Rooms for $179 per night at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort available from Nov. 3-Nov 6, 2016 (plus a reduced resort fee of $15 saving you $10 per day, this gets you parking, internet and other resort amenities included). I have planned a nice dinner on the beach for Friday night at the Marriott’s Oceanfront Cabana Club, A golf outing at the TPC’s Pete Dye Valley Course with a shotgun start at 9:30 am Friday, Nov. 4th, Shopping Excursion to historic St. Augustine on Friday Nov. 4th from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, Pre-game tailgate starting 3 hours prior to the game time at a private site outside EverBank Stadium, A class block of at least 220 tickets for $85 each and bus transport to and from the Marriott to the Stadium for the tailgate and game. (WOW… I have been busy now that I read all of this).

Here is how this works: For the rooms, you can go to this link: https://aws.passkey.com/event/14681619/owner/2608/home to reserve your rooms in our ’85 Block. If you need to call Marriott, our group code is: NAV.  For the dinner: I have attached the menu to this email, it is the “Golfer’s Grille” Buffet which is an amazing selection of salads, grilled meats and fish and sides. You will get 2 drink tickets good for beer or wine and then have the ability to buy more tickets or drinks or give your tickets to another person. The location is the best on Ponte Vedra Beach and the cost is $135 per person. I researched places to have a large event that night for a group our size on or near the ocean and this was by far the best option available to us. You can register for the dinner with me using PayPal or personal checks or credit cards. Email me for info: robertsmith5@att.net. I know this is a bit expensive, but like I said, it has great value and hanging out on the beach eating fine food with your ’85 Classmates falls into the “PRICELESS” category.


For the golf outing, the greens fees and carts and range balls for a super nice shotgun start event at Pete Dye’s valley course is $210.00. This is a price break from the normal greens fees for this time of year and a once in a lifetime event. I have planned it for 40 players so I hope we can reach that number. Once again, you can register with me for this the same way as mentioned above.  For the tailgate and excursion to St. Augustine, I will announce those events and start collecting for them when I do. The tailgate will be priced with and without ground transportation to the Stadium. I can tell you this, it will be cheaper than driving and parking and far less hassle. We will use nice motor coaches and mini buses. The Tailgate will be southern Barbecue theme and we will be serving beer from the Chesapeake Brewing Company and classmate Dave Marquis (Beat Army Golden Lager on tap). Maybe Dave will brew us a special “Beat the Irish” Ale or Stout? We shall see! Stay tuned for those announcements and sign ups.

I am in the final stages of nailing down our tailgate and transportation plan and when I do I will send out an email, put it on FB and the Class website. We have put a sign up form on the Class website for the dinner and golf outing, I will collect your money for those using personal checks or PayPal. As usual, the Class of ’85 website will be kept up to date on this, so use that as your ongoing reference: http://1985.usnaclasses.net. We will have a GREAT weekend and I do look forward to seeing all of you at our Class of ’85 31st Reunion in early November. From what I have been told, we are the biggest single alumni Class group attending (GREAT WORK). So, as always, contact me with questions: Cell: 502-432-6185 and email: robertsmith5@att.net. Go Navy and BEAT everyone, especially Notre Dame this year!  Bob Smith ’85.


Navy Notre Dame 2016 Weekend Registration Information

Game tickets:  Please call ASAP OBSTCR the Navy Sports Ticket Office (I suggest you call if you want to sit in the Class seating area), at: 800-874-6289. When you order your tickets, identify yourself as a member of the Class of 1985 and ask to be seated in our class area and they will work to accommodate us by seating us together on the Navy side.

Hotel:  Contact the Marriott TPC Sawgrass directly  Additional information (link, etc) will be posted later.

Please use the form below to register for events.  We will send a confirmation email with totals and payment details within a week or sooner.  Please ensure that you check your spam folders for this confirmation email.  Bob Smith is working on final details with the vendors.  Once that is done, we will post an update on the specific event prices.

As a reminder, these are the events you can sign up for:

  • Golf
  • Shopping trip into St. Augustine
  • Dinner
  • Tailgate
Registration Form

Class of ’85,

I predicted, this game would SELL OUT and this would be a very popular weekend. I just received confirmation today that Navy Sports has sold out of their ticket allotment and we, as a class, have the last 110 tickets left for sale in the Navy section at face value of $85 (or pay $400 on StubHub). We have sold out 50% of our block so far and I am very excited that we have made great progress. So, now what I need is for those of you who are notorious last minute shoppers to make a decision EARLY and get your game tickets, hotel rooms and contact me for the dinner, golf outing at TPC, trip to St. Augustine and tailgate. I am still finalizing the tailgate plans and this is because I am at the mercy of out of town vendors on this, but PLEASE trust me. We will have the best tailgate. I already have the best dinner, golf outing and largest ticket block, so why not just relax and sign up??? Okay, I just wanted to get this out to any of you on the fence. The rest of the Navy Alums have grabbed their tickets and it is my sincere fear that if we do not sell out our block SOON, NAAA will ask me for tickets to sell to other groups now that the game is sold out for them. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to make plans or commit to things this time as I WILL NOT be able to help you last minute. The Marriott is filling up and they have already reduced our room block from 150 to 100, so let’s get on this NOW Class of ’85. Get your trips planned and let’s start counting the days.

On a side note, we have had a significant increase in orders for the Reunion Pictures and everyone who has placed an order has been very pleased (of those who I have talked to). Like I said, these are GREAT pictures from a great weekend and we appreciate Marcus our photographer in giving us 50% pricing for downloads and prints. In case you do not have it, here is how you view and order from our library:

Here is how you get there to browse (which is fun) or buy (even better)! Go to this link: http://www.enjoyphotos.com/Gallery/Login.aspx?EventGuid=9215E0F4-7E37-4FC0-98E5-CAEFEBC46C5A.  From there you just enter any email address to enter this site. Once there you can browse and shop away. The prices listed on the drop down are full price, your discount will be taken off when you proceed to your checkout. I have ordered about 10 of these prints and they are constant reminders of how great the 30th was and how cool it was to see so many of you in Annapolis. Plus a few nice shots of me and my lovely wife Sherry. Okay ’85, make me proud on this one. If you have questions, email Marcus Chacona at: info@theannapolisphotographer.com.

I LOVE my prints that are now framed and hanging all over my house. I also want to give a shout out to Dave and Carolyn Marquis for the opening of the Chesapeake Brewing Co. Pub in Annapolis and the “Beat Army Bar” inside their brewpub. I was lucky enough to be at grand opening their several classmates and it was truly great. They are still in the early stages of getting their bar decorated and set up. They are looking for any great memorabilia like old and new photos from the Naval Academy or Fleet “stuff” or pictures. They are still open to adding members to the Plank Owner program, which gives you a small stake in the bar and gives you full privileges as an original plank owner in what is sure to be one of Annapolis’s most popular bars. You can email Dave and Carolyn at: chesbrewco@yahoo.com for more information. We look forward to partnering with the Chesapeake Brewery for years to come in as many events as they will serve us beer (including at the Navy v. Notre Dame weekend in November.)

So, in review, get your plans made for the Class of ’85 31st Reunion in Jacksonville from Nov. 3-6. Get your game tickets NOW and your hotel rooms NOW. Sign up for golf and the beach dinner on Friday (see our Class website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net) for details throughout the process. Contact me with comments and questions: 502-432-6185 or robertsmith5@att.net.) ALSO, get on our Class of ’85 Apparel site and keep shopping. We have the VERY BEST Class apparel site and I would love to see more of you use it and support us having such an amazing place for Class Apparel: http://usna85.deco-apparel.com. I or my wife own about every item on here and LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it as I am sure you will too. Why wait??

Okay, Take care and I will look forward to more sign ups for our “31st Reunion”. Go Navy as always.  Bob Smith ’85


I wanted to put this out today since some have started ordering their game tickets for this event. You can call the Navy Sports Ticket Office (I suggest you call if you want to sit in the Class seating area), at: 800-874-6289. When you order your tickets, identify yourself as a member of the Class of 1985 and ask to be seated in our class area and they will work to accommodate us by seating us together on the Navy side.

As for other events, I will be up and running on hotel rooms and other event registration soon when I finalize those details and I am now very close. For now, however, the ticket purchase is a separate deal anyway, but if you are planning on attending, get your seats soon as I am sure these will sell quickly. Take care and stay tuned for more information in the next few days.

Go Navy!!

Bob Smith ’85


Class of ’85,

I have been back at the planning “thing” and have put together quite a weekend for our Class for the Navy/Notre Dame Football Game 2016 down in Jacksonville, FL. The Game itself is Saturday, November 5, 2016 (Time is TBA) at EverBank Stadium. I have secured a block of 150 rooms at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort for Friday-Sunday at $179 per night and a reduced resort fee of $15.00 per night (down from $25). On Friday, I have arranged a golf outing at Pete Dye’s Valley Course at the TPC as well as a bus trip down for lunch and sightseeing to historic St. Augustine. On Friday evening, I have contracted with the Marriott for a dinner at their Cabana Club which is situated right on the beach at Ponte Vedra. On Saturday, I am working with local contacts to put on a catered tailgate near the stadium and have everyone bus over and back from the Marriott for the game and tailgate. For the football game, NAAA has given me access to a block of 220 tickets for the game at the price of $85 per ticket.

All in all, we now have a great plan in place for this weekend and I am finalizing contracts and prices with various vendors. By next week, you will be able to go online to book your rooms and you will be able to contact NAAA to buy your game tickets within our block of seats. I will be collecting money ahead of time myself for the dinner, tailgate, golf outing and bus transportation and can take your credit cards for payment. Stay tuned for more details soon; I wanted to get the word out today since Navy announced ticket sales and to let those who are coming know to buy tickets and get rooms in the USNA ’85 group block. This will be a GREAT 31st Class Reunion and a great chance to gather together and keep up the great momentum we built at our 30th Reunion last October. As always, Go Navy and contact me with questions. My next email will come out in a week or so announcing more details on how to start signing up for rooms and events and buying game tickets. Take care and I look forward to seeing many of you in Jacksonville next November.

Bob Smith ’85


EMAIL Blast 6 Jan 2016

Class of 1985,

I am VERY excited to announce the preliminary plans for our 31st  Class Reunion in Jacksonville, FL. on the weekend of November 4-6, 2016. Navy plays Notre Dame in EverBank Stadium on Saturday November 5th and the Class of ’85 (like we did in Dublin 2012 and will again in 2017 in Hawaii) “WIN” the weekend. I only took a few days off in Cancun after the reunion and then back to the grindstone planning this weekend and so far so GREAT! Here is what I have:

1) We have a block of 40 rooms for Nov. 3rd and 100 Rooms for Nov. 4th and 5th at the Marriott Resort Sawgrass (where they play the TPC Golf tournament every May). The block rate is $179.00 per night and there will be more information soon on how to reserve your rooms.

2) On Friday we are planning a golf outing at one of the TPC Sawgrass courses (most likely the Valley course since the Stadium course will be closed for renovating). On Friday there will also be a day trip to beautiful and historic St. Augustine for the non-golfers. That night, we will have an amazing dinner party at the Marriott’s Cabana Club on the beach. (once again, more details to follow, but we are locked into this location for that night).

3) On Saturday (game day), we have secured a private lot just blocks from EverBank Stadium and will be building our Class of ’85 Tailgate (Sponsored in part by Classmate Jim Anderson of 16th Co.) I have a commitment from NAAA for a Class of ’85 ticket block at the price of $85 per ticket. We get access to purchase our block prior to the opening of normal ticket sales. I will have motor coaches from the beach to and from the stadium for the tailgate and game.

So…. here is what I need to get this going. On the Class website Angela Orlando has helped set up a survey for those interested in attending. I need everyone who plans on attending to PLEASE fill this out. You are not obligated by doing this, but I need a rough count for tickets so that I can give NAAA a good number to reserve for our class. I expect this to be a hard ticket to get because of the time of the year and because both fan bases travel so well. I will have a full roll out of final details and sign ups when I have completed all the contracts and setting up of events and web links. For now, I just wanted all of you to “SAVE THE DATE” and prepare yourself for our 31st reunion (no Hurricanes this year!!). Stay tuned and go to this this link for me: http://1985.usnaclasses.net/2015/10/24/notre-dame-2016/. Fill out the brief survey and stay tuned for more to come.

I would also encourage those you who have not taken a look at Classmate Dave Marquis new Chesapeake Brewing Company Brewpub under “construction” on West Street Annapolis to please do so. They have opened their “Plankowner” program to our class and I am proud to say I am an early plankowner in the Beat Army Bar. It will be great to partner with Dave and Carolyn for years to come in Annapolis and to have Chesapeake Brewing Company Beer and Food as a staple at our home tailgates. The link for plankowning is on our class website here.

Happy New Year Class of ’85 and no better way to kick off 2016 by announcing another GREAT Class of ’85 Event. Cheers to all of you and stay tuned for more good news to come.

As always, please feel free to email, text or call me: robertsmith5@att.net, or 502-432-6185 with questions or comments or join our USNA ’85 group on Facebook. Go Navy and Beat EVERYONE!!

Bob Smith ’85