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What a first day it has been! From check-in through the kick off party at Fado’s (and more), ’85 is reconnecting and bonding.  It is wonderful to see old and new friends, catch-up, start to tell sea stories and more!  Even the USNA Superintendent, Vice Admiral Carter ’81 spent time mingling with we ’85ers.

Many photos were taken – some have been posted to FaceBook and others have yet to be shared.  Here is a sampling of some:

Tomorrow’s schedule:

  • 0800-1500 – Rick Campbell at the Mid Store signing books
  • 1000-1100 – Memorial Service
  • 1030 – Larson Hall Dedication – Mahan Hall
  • 1100-??? – HERNDON 3.0 – Bring raingear, towels, 80’s attire, and change of clothes!
  • 1350 – Supe’s briefing – Alumni Hall
  • 1800 – Dinner – Stadium Banquet Facility

Shuttles start departing the Hilton Garden Inn for the Westin at 0800 and at 0830 from the Westin to Gate 1.  Please look at the shuttle schedule for more detailed information.

Get rest and prep your positive attitude for tomorrow!

Kickoff time!!!

The time is finally here! The Class of 1985 30th Reunion!!  Those of us here are warmed up and raring to go!

For those of you in town or soon to be, here is today’s schedule of events:

Thursday October 1st
Midshipmen Store Hours
Rick Campbell Book Signing at the Mid Store
Visitor Center Hours
Museum Hours
Noon Meal Formation
Herndon planning session - Chick & Ruth's or wherever the wind blows us
Reunion Registration Check-in Westin Hotel
Reunion Kick-Off Party (Cash Bar) at Fado’s Pub
Herndon final planning session - We CLIMB!

Don’t forget to check-in at the Westin and pick up your reunion gedunk!

If you haven’t checked out the shuttle schedule, you can find it here:  Reunion Bus Shuttle Schedule.