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Time to catch up on happenings over the last few months.  Even though one may consider it “old” news, the information should be acknowledged by all.

The Good – Promotions and Assignments

Congratulations go out to our classmates selected for their second star – Tim Syzmanski, Stuart Munsch, Jim Lobelein, and Kyle Cozad!  In addition, a big Bravo Zulu to Ski taking the reigns of the Naval Special Warfare Command and our other class flag officers in the news.  Please send in information and photos on change of commands, retirements, events, and more so we can show how 85 is continuing to make a mark on today’s Navy and Marine Corps.

The Sad – Passing of a Classmate

It is with great sadness we report the passing of our classmate Roberta (Robin) McKinney, 28th Co, on April 27, 2016  Please keep her and her family as well as all of our other fallen classmates in your prayers.  Her obituary may be found here.

The Gouge

It is less than six months away from the Navy-Notre Dame weekend in Jacksonville.  Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks.  As a heads up, we will be holding class elections in the next couple of months.  More detail to follow.  If you’re interested in running for any of our class offices, please reach out to Bob Smith.  We will also be enhancing the website over the next few months.  Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Please send them to Angela Orlando.

A hearty congratulations to Ricky Williamson on his second star!!  Way to go ’85!

Rear Adm. (lower half) Ricky L. Williamson (USNA ’85), selected for promotion to rear admiral, will be assigned as commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia; and commander, Maritime Air Forces, Naples, Italy.  Williamson is currently serving as commander, Navy Region Mid Atlantic, Norfolk, Virginia.

If anyone hears of other promotions or retirements, please pass them along to Angela Orlando for public class acknowledgement.