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EMAIL Sent 9/24/2015

Class of ’85,

No surprise to everyone that we are only one week from the 30th Reunion and people are still signing up today. TOMORROW is the ABSOLUTE last day to register or sign up for the dinner or the tailgate. I have to have my final count to vendors after tomorrow. I cannot issue any more refunds after tomorrow as well, as we are locked into events and I have to pay the vendors on tomorrow’s final count. Hopefully everyone is ready to go and all that is left is to come safely to town and jump on board with the party in progress.

We are upgrading our USNA ’85 Photo Quiz site and Vic Otero is working our vendor to get not only our Firstie Pics up (they are already there) but to get a current photo alongside those photos. Here is what they asked me to send you:

We need current photos for classmates that are registered for the reunion. Please take a look at “25th Company Attendees” to understand what we would like. https://www.cibellc.com/ReunionFlashCards/USNA1985/

  • Username: USNA1985 (The user name is case sensitive.)
  • Password: BeatArmy! (also case sensitive)

Send the photos to : CurrentPhotoUSNA1985@cibellc.com.

Photo/File.Naming Convention; Trotta Andrew Andy USNA1985 If you are one of the 17 Simths, please be very specific; Smith Robert Bob 16th company USNA 1985. Since the app is for reunion preparation (designed to help you recognize people at the reunion), we are ONLY uploading current photos for those registered to attend the reunion. Please encourage other classmates to submit their current photos in advance. This will speed up the check-in process and give all classmates more time to review the photos. Vic Otero is in charge of this program, if you questions, PLEASE contract Vic Otero at: vic@otero-pearl.com or Brian at: brian@mrcaldwell.com. Good luck and enjoy this new site. WE ARE THE ONLY CLASS TO HAVE THIS….. once again, setting the bar high.

All that is left is to travel safe to Annapolis and enjoy a GREAT weekend. The long term forecast is out, looks like high 60’s and more sun than clouds, any rain ends on Thursday and we will be inside Fado’s. All weekend long we are raising money for Luke’s Wings Charity as well as our Class of ’85 “Taking care of our own” fund. We will use the money we make at this reunion for 5 years of class support and soon after the reunion will publish a full financial accounting of the reunion and our 5 year plan. I am going to start putting a greater emphasis on Class of ’85 USNA Support Fundraising going forward and expect to see more of this in the coming weekends. We have 20 President’s Circle Members and for 2016, I would LOVE to see 100 of us. I am the 20th President’s Circle Member as of today!! (This means your gave $2500 or had a an employer gift match that met $2500). Next year we will have the 31st Reunion at the President’s Circle Weekend in 2016. (For those of you not familiar, as a President’s Circle Member, you get an invite back for a special home football weekend. This year, it happens to be the same as our reunion). Stay tuned for Class Giving Efforts!

Okay Class of ’85, let’s have a great week and come “Home” to our 30th Reunion READY TO RUMBLE!! I have adjusted my efforts to make sure ALL events are 100% Class of ’85 Quality and am confident that our team and our vendors can deliver. We do not plan to accept walk ups, so if you are last minute after tomorrow, you NEED to call me in advance. Our final numbers will be in stone and only if I can last minute cancels can we accept walk ups. See you all in a few days and cannot wait. (If you want to add “free events”, even Thursday night, you do not need to contact me, just show up).

Regards, Your VERY PROUD Class President,  Bob Smith

Class of ’85 Quiz Site

Do you need a refresher on being able to match our young faces with names? We’ve got something for you – the Class of ’85 Quiz Site! Nothing like some flash cards and crash rate memorization for reunion preparation.

This is how this ’85 Photo Quiz site works. Go to this site:: ’85 Quiz Site (https://www.cibellc.com/ReunionFlashCards/USNA1985/).
Type in our user name: USNA1985 (Caps Sensitive) then the PW: BeatArmy! (one again, caps sensitive).
Now… try and name all of our classmates by looking at their pics on your first try. With any luck, you’ll remember your company mates! Let us know how you do. Enjoy and use this as a great tool to get ready for our reunion and putting a face with a name (We will have very nice name tags our reunion weekend FYI).