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Email sent 25 Sep 2018

Class of ’85,

Greetings and welcome to Fall. I want, first off, to send out a HUGE thank you to all who gave to the class tailgate fund. I have, to date, collected over $2500 for Class tailgates and we are planning on some realy fun tailgates for remainder of the Navy home season and beyond:

  • Temple on 10/13 at 1530
  • Houston on 10/20 at 1530
  • Tulsa on 11/17 at 1530

We will have fully catered tailgates for both the Temple and Houston games. Stay tuned that week for the SignUp Genius to announce the menus. We know that we will cater the Houston game from Mission Barbeque and the Temple game from Bo Brooks catering. Also planning a pre-game event for the Army-Navy game this year for both Friday night and then again on Saturday prior to the game. Stay tuned for more on those two events.

Now, an update and reminder for the San Diego weekend. Sign ups have been slow so far, less than 20 people signed up for  the Friday and Saturday events. We sold 150 tickets at least for the game, so I planned my events based on those numbers to make sure we had the proper venue and menu. So, please reference my last email and the class website for the sign up information on that weekend. Here is my last email if you need it for reference:

Greetings Class of 1985,

I am trying not to wear you out with Class emails and news, but I am of the hope that all of this is welcome and good news to most of you. I am proud to announce our Class of 1985 trip to San Diego officially kicking off, here is the schedule of events (the dates are October 25-27):

Thursday: 1700-1900: Beat Notre Dame kickoff party, location TBA (A Pub in the Gas Lamp Quarter)
Friday: 1700-1930: Cocktail Reception at the Westin Gas Lamp poolside courtyard. (Dress is nice casual).
Menu: Beef sliders, caramelized onions, chipotle ketchup
Chopped baby romaine salad with cucumber, cherry tomato, heart of palm, roasted corn, cilantro, avocado dressing
Truffle mac & cheese
Brussels sprouts, pancetta, balsamic glaze
Tavern on the Green Bar Package with premium beer, assorted craft beers from San Diego, house red and white wine, assorted Pepsi soft drinks, bottled still and sparkling mineral water and fruit juices, Cash Bar for liquor drinks available to cash, credit card or room charge.
COST is $80 per person (this includes 24% gratuity and 7.75% sales tax)
Saturday 1200-1500: Pre-game indoor tailgate at Revel Revel (Formerly the Quad Ale House) See this link for venue information: http://www.ecocaters.com/portfolios/revel-revel/ (Dress is Game Day attire)
Organic Barbecue Menu:
Mains: Texas Style Smoked Brisket, Organic BBQ Carolina Pulled Pork Shoulder, Southwestern Blackberry Chipotle Chicken
Sides: Baked Beans, Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese, Farmers Market Salad with House Ranch
Local Craft Beers, Red and White Wines, Sodas and Mineral Water. Cash Bar available
Cost $80 per person
Saturday 1530: Motor Coach Transport to Qualcomm Stadium from Tailgate, Return post game (for those who live locally, this is cheaper than driving and parking)
Cost: $30 per person
Saturday 1700: Kickoff for Navy vs Notre Dame Football GameTickets in Class Block are sold out, still available from Ticket Master from $50-$175

As you can see, we have a full weekend of events planned, the area near the Class hotel is full of places to see and things to do, so lots of opportunity between class events to make this into a nice vacation. If anyone is interested in playing golf on Friday morning, please contact me so we can put an outing together at a local course if there is enough interest. I will collect money for these events in the following manner:

-Paypal to md11driver85@gmail.com
-Venmo to md11driver85@gmail.com
Checks sent and made out to: 
Bob Smith/San Diego Trip
776 S Angola Rd. 
Coldwater, Michigan 49036

Cutoff for these events is October 15, 2018. I have to get firm numbers to all my vendors by this time. It is helpful to have you sign up and pay sooner rather than later. If you pay via paypal, PLEASE PLEASE indicate you are sending money to Friends and Family and NOT a business or they deduct a service charge from your payment that I cannot recoup. Also, PLEASE PLEASEindicate what you are paying for and the number. For example: 2 Friday event, 2 Tailgate and 2 bus. I NEED this information as you can imagine. This is going to be another amazing weekend and as of now, I anticipate around 150 people or more attending the tailgate and game. For those in the hotel, the Friday night event is both easy and elegant with a great outdoor location by the pool. I am also working with Jim Berdeguez on a special edition football jersey for this event and will have details soon. All this information will be on the class website as usual. Please call, text or email me with questions. I can assure all of you I have worked hard to maximum value at an affordable price and the events will hopefully show this effort. Eco Caterers is an organic and environmentally friendly company that I am proud to be able to partner with for our Saturday Tailgate.
One more thing: Thanks to all who have donated to the Class of ’85 Tailgate Fund, as of today I have received over $1500 in donations and that number seems to grow every day. This helps me fund this year’s tailgating efforts and frees up class money I can use for the 35th Class Reunion in 2020, the reunion is well in the planning phases. It also helps me with cost overruns on these large events like the one in Hawaii. So, get signed up if you are coming or make travel plans if you have not made them yet and join us for what promises to be another GREAT Class of ‘85 “Mini-Reunion” as we just did in Hawaii. Cheers and Beat Memphis, I look forward to seeing many of you in San Diego.

PS:  If you signed up previously for this weekend on the class website, I still need you to sign up and pay for these events. That sign up was to give us preliminary numbers only.

Bob Smith ‘85
Cell: 502-432-6185

SO, always, PLEASE help me help you and if you are coming, go ahead and sign up. If you cannot make it and have tickets to sell, I have takers for your tickets. PLEASE contact me with questions or comments regarding San Diego or any other event or class matter. Once again, thanks for those who contributed to our GREAT Class of ’85 Tailgates. (I was also able to rent our own dedicated class portable restroom from your donations which has received rave reviews).

Go Navy and BEAT EVERYONE…. Especially Army.  Bob Smith ’85

Sent 3/23/2017

Class of ’85,

I am completely humbled and thankful to those who stepped up and help us meet AND exceed our goal of $18,500 for purchase of our new Class of ’85 Tailgate tent. We raised $22,345 from 104 Classmates. This money will fully fund the new Class of ’85 Tent and help me to maintain it as well as make further upgrades to the Class Tailgate experience. All but the $1,000 fee from GoFundMe will go into the Class Account via our Class treasurer Tim Kane. All money is accountable and spent via “two person” control through Tim and I in coordination with Linda Reyes at USNAA accounting. I will keep everyone updated and look forward to dedicating the new tent at our first home football game later this year. GREAT JOB once again and those of you who donated $500 or more, will see your name printed proudly on the new tent.

Next matter of business, in planning for a West Coast Class gathering for the Navy v. Notre Dame game in San Diego, CA next October 27, 2018; I discovered that there is one of the largest conventions of the year in San Diego that same weekend. Many of the large hotels are already sold out or unable to give us a block of rooms. I did find a few suitable hotels near the bayfront/gaslamp district that will work with us. I would like to run a “straw poll” as to who might attend this weekend and who would attend a waterfront Friday Event at the hotel. This will help me plan for the size of a room block and event planning. You are in no way obligated and remember that we open the season in Hawaii on September 1st and will also have a class gathering that weekend in Honolulu too. (if you plan right, you have 2 months to recover from Hawaii before the ND weekend….I will be at both). I am also in negotiations with hotels in Hawaii, but the San Diego situation is time critical as I forsee the entire downtown potentially getting sold out that weekend. As always, we will do a pre-game event and have buses to and from the game like we did in Jacksonville and I will work with NAAA to get a block of game tickets. For now, if you could please email me at: robertsmith5@att.net to let me know if you want a room (Thurs or Fri-Sun) and would attend a Friday night event and how many attending. If you don’t plan on staying at the hotel but still want to attend the Friday event, I would like to know that. The hotel rate is going to be around $240 per night. You will not find cheaper in the gaslamp district or on the bayfront for a decent hotel based on my conversations with several sales managers at the nice hotels.

Thanks for this and we will actuall do sign ups later this year for the San Diego trip as well as Hawaii, but for now, I need to get a contract going to ensure we can get a block of rooms and waterfront event space and beat the rush from other Navy and ND fans. Thanks again for making the GoFundMe campaign successful and for supporting what we do as “The Class with Class”. Go Navy and I look forward to hearing from you.  Regards,  Bob Smith

Sent 3/20/2017

Hello Class of ’85,

I first want to apologize that my previous email was sent in triplicate. The Alumni Association was in the middle of a major tech update and I was the first person to try the new system to send a classwide email. I helped them find one of the “bugs” in the new system unfortunately. I have been assured the system is fixed, so hopefully this email only reaches you one time. I know how annoying constant repeat emails can be and I NEVER want to annoy any of you trust me!

First, I want to say thank you to the 48 donors to our USNA ’85 Class Tent GoFundMe campaign. As of this morning, we are at 65% of our fundraising goal or $11,885 of the $18,500 needed to get this done. That is ONLY about 5% of the class giving so far. I was, however, hoping for a more robust response to this request and I know it’s out there. I have been Class President for over 15 years now and have made every attempt to put this class as one of the best among alumni groups for reunion attendance as well as for fall tailgating and class travel. The Dublin trip in 2012 was a HUGE success, the class reunions (even one in the middle of a hurricane) have been very successful, fall tailgating has been someething we take great pride in and as a rule, we always have a place for all of you to come and call your class gathering place at each home game (some tailgates are bigger than others, but all remain well organized and attended), our class gatherings in Jacksonville this past fall and at all Army/Navy games and other select away games have all been very well attended and those who were there know the value of having a quality event. My point is simple: I have put in tremendous effort, as have those others who have volunteered, to make our Class #1 and I feel good about that goal and our efforts; I am now asking all of you to roll up your sleeves and help me out on this one by donating to the new class tent.

This tent is an investment for future tailgating excellence. Instead of me paying someone $2000 or more to rent a tent as needed for poor weather or large tailgates a few times each season, we will have a tent I can have professional put up at all home tailgates and it will last 20 years or more years. The tent has sides with windows (you can see what the tent looks like at our GoFundMe web link) for those blustery or rainy weekends so those attending can remain warm and dry; or have a shady spot on an 85 degree sunny day. Seeing our Class Crest displayed proudly in Navy Colors will also provice our class with a great source of pride and a homing beacon for those who do not attend regularly but expect a great tailgate when they do attend. We will continue to improve on our Class of ’85 tailgating experience and I have an energized group of local volunteers who took over this effort at the end of last season and they are ready to continue making strides to continually improve and upgrade the ’85 Tailgate. We are looking at having a Satellite connection and TV at our tailgate once again this season (having a tent to house this equipment is important), I will also continue to have FREE beer and wine at each home tailgate along with special catered tailgates a few times each year. I need the other 95% of our class who have not had the chance to donate to go to: https://www.gofundme.com/USNA85Tent and DONATE!!

Be generous in your giving so I can close out this effort and move on to other important class business: Class elections, the Navy game in Hawaii in 2018, the Navy game vs. Notre Dame in San Diego in 2018, this year’s Army/Navy Tailgate, etc., the next Class Reunion (the Big 35th). You get it….

Next, just one more plug while I am on the “Giving” bandwagon. I just renewed my President’s Circle Donation for 2017 (By giving $2500 to the USNA Alumni Association/Foundation), but this year I designated 100% of this donation to Athletic Excellence and it gained me access to the Yeager Pavilion for all home games as well as a priority for game ticket purchase for Army/Navy and other away games. If interested, email Matt Goff at NAAA, matt.goff@usna.com or call him at: 410-293-8963 and support our Navy Athletes. My plea to you is to give back to USNA no matter what you designate it for. Our Federal tax dollars only fund the basics at USNA and Alumni donations continue to be the life blood for the things that make USNA the greatest among service Academies and the best damn Univeristy in the World. Being a President’s Circle Member is a great experience and you get a weekend each football season that you are invited to join other PC members and are treated to special events and behind the scenes tours. My wife and I LOVE the experience and you will too. Give what you can and it all helps as you can see each time you step on the yard or attend a sporting event.

I look forward to closing out our GoFundMe campaign soon (so I can stop talking about money), if we go over the goal (which I hope we do), I will use that money for tailgate upgrades. It will be capped at $20,000, so don’t be worried just keep hitting the “Donate” button! I once again appreciate those who have given so generously and those who are about to give right after reading this email. If you give $500 or more, you will get your name printed on the “Donor Wall” of our tent so that others can appreciate your donation as much as I do. My name is the first among the $500 donors. Go Navy, as always, and stay tuned for more class news in the weeks ahead. Regards,  Bob Smith Your Proud Class President