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Email – 21 Oct 2016

Class of ’85,

Glad to say Happy Homecoming to the Class of ’85, I arrived in Annapolis this morning and am proudly representing the Class of ’85 at the dedication of Hopper Hall on the grounds of USNA. It is named after Rear Adm. Grace Hopper who many of you might remember from our time at the Naval Academy. She was a brilliant mind and at the forefront of computer technology back in the 80’s. The building is going to be a center of Cyber Security Excellence for the Navy and Navy Midshipmen and I am proud our Class was a major contributor to this dream becoming a reality.

Our home tailgate will kick off at noon Saturday at our usual tailgate site (spot 41) and I have rented a large tent with sides to give us a break from the weather so we can enjoy warm food and cold beverages and celebrate a Navy win over Memphis. No need to bring anything, unless you are drinking other than beer, wine, sodas or water. We will have fried chicken, pulled pork and sides provided by Bo Brooks catering and beverages supplied by Chesapeake Brewing Co. Text or call with questions: 502-432-6185. If anyone is in Annapolis and wants to get together later today (Friday), please text me as my wife and I will be in town for the evening and enjoying some time at the Chesapeake Brewing Co. on West Street. Otherwise, see you at the tailgate and game tomorrow. We will be over 100 strong based on responses, if you did not respond, you are still welcome to join us, we will have plenty.

The Notre Dame weekend, aka our 31st Reunion Weekend, is in final planning stages, I can still accept tailgate requests and I could use a few more to play golf. If you need game tickets in the Class of ’85 section, I have extras so please get in touch with me and I can take care of you while my supply lasts. Face Value is $85 for good seats. I will be sending out more info in the week ahead for those of you traveling down or living in Jacksonville with event specifics. If you want to attend, we would love to have you join us. We are well represented that weekend (approaching 200 for the tailgate) and the weather in FL is looking beautiful!

Travel Safe and I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend. Go Navy…. BEAT MEMPHIS!!!

Regards,  Bob Smith

Wow! What a day it was! a big win of Navy over Air Force and a record setting tailgate by ’85! Partying with 1000 of your closest friends – a story to be told for a long time!  Whether you cheered Navy on in the stadium with braving the elements or under the big top, it doesn’t matter!  From the Beat Army Lager to the big screen TVs to the fantastic spread to many other classmates who returned, it is something ingrained in our memories.

Today’s schedule:

  • 0800-1030 – Farewell Brunch (Westin)
  • Morning – Church Services (Chapel)

It will be hard to say farewell to everyone later today.  It is not really goodbye.  It is we will see you later as our paths will always cross in  one way or another.

Please travel safely later today!

’85 is continuing the momentum of our 30th reunion!  What a great turnout it has been so far.  Thanks to all that have made the trek!

We packed Fado’s last night!  Some pictures are posted on last night’s blog.  Others are in the Facebook group.  Let’s get them uploaded so we can always remember this is the reunion to remember!

Weather Update:  Looks like Joaquin is turning to the NW and heading out to the Atlantic.  It will still be wet so dress for the weather.  I’m sure our classmates up above had something to do with it, too!

Here is today’s schedule:

Friday October 2nd

(0730-1900) – Midshipmen Store Hours
(0800-1500) – Rick Campbell at the Mid Store signing his books(0900-1700) – Visitor Center Hours
(0900-1700) – Museum Hours
(0900-1700) – Reunion Registration Check-in Westin Hotel
(0900-1000)  – Memorial Service Singers meet in St. Andrew’s Chapel
(1000-1100)  – Memorial Main Chapel
(1030-1100) – Dedication of the ADM Larson Administration Building
(1100)  –  HERNDON 3.0!!!!!!!
(1350-1500) – Superintendent Briefing and Alumni Association Welcome to all classes Mahan Hall
(1915-2030)  – Jewish Service in Levy Center
(1800-2200) – Dinner Banquet at the Stadium Lawrence Banquet Room
(1830) – Informal Business Meeting at Class Dinner

Remember to refer to the , too!

Let’s have a Great ’85 Day!

It’s 6 AM. Breaking info before the morning report. Joaquin decides to make a right standard rudder maneuver and slowly turn away from the coast!

It will still be rainy but who cares!

Remember to carry rain gear and we CLIMB!!!!

The first of many frequent updates on our plans and the weather.  Please remember to bring rain gear, extra  clothes (unless you don’t mind being wet), and most of all a positive attitude.   We’ve been through blizzards and hurricanes before.  Remember the winter of 1983?  That blizzard cancelled the Valentine’s Day formal.  Nonetheless, we made the best of it.

Keep your eye on your email and the website.  If you’re traveling, please stay safe!

See you in Crabtown soon!

EMAIL Blast Sent 9/29/2015


We are now counting hours until our reunion and I want to pass along a few updates. I, unfortunately, can control most things with our reunion weekend except the weather. We are now watching and making plans to deal with the incoming weather that is being driven by tropical storm Joaquin. I ask all of you to WATCH THE FORECASTS up until you depart. Plan now to wear appropriate clothing and appropriate footwear for the tailgate and for your tours of the yard. It is fall football weather and we always took a chance of this and so now we are reacting to it. Bring umbrellas and rain proof jackets and patience as we do our best to mitigate this and weather proof our tailgate. I am adding tents and extra TV’s and straw. The good news, the food will still be great, the beer will always be cold and our great Navy Team plays better in water because that is what we do best at Navy (Deep Water Ops). Seriously, the large part of our weekend is under cover and we are working now to get even more of it under cover. Come ready to dodge the rain drops and I am betting I will sell out of my extra Class of ’85 Umbrellas that are for sale.

More good news:

One of our classmates – Rick Campbell – retired from the Navy and took up writing, signing a 2 book deal (which has been extended to a 4 book deal) with Macmillan / St. Martin’s Press for his novel The Trident Deception, which was hailed by Booklist as “The best submarine novel since Tom Clancy’s classic – The Hunt for Red October.” His first two books were Barnes & Noble Top-20 bestsellers and both are ranked in the Top-10 for submarine thrillers on Amazon out of 400+ submarine novels, based on customer reviews. He’ll be signing books at the Midshipmen store reunion weekend, and will donate all royalties from books sold at the Midshipmen Store or bought on-line from classmates to our class fund, to help defray the cost of paying for widowed spouses to attend the reunion. If you get a chance, stop by the Midshipmen Store to pick up a signed copy of either The Trident Deception or Empire Rising (or both!), or order on-line and send me an email, letting me know what format you bought (paperback, hardcover, eBook, or audiobook). This is a great way to help out a classmate, help cover the costs for widowed spouses, and you’ll end up with a great book or two. I’ve read his first book, and it was fantastic – you won’t be disappointed!

Also, we are putting together some really nice packages to raffle off for Charity this weekend. We are partnering with Luke’s Wings to support the “No Wounded Soldier Alone for Christmas” drive. I have obtained a few Army/Navy Tickets, we have a few extra special edition Woodford Reserve Bottles, I have some nice Class store items and I even have a package that is 4 hours of free shuttle service for a night out in Annapolis from Annapolis Bus Co. We will sell tickets at all events and at reunion registration so bring some extra cash and take a chance to win one of our fun raffle packages.  (more…)

Passing on some gouge:
Air Force Game

There are still folks looking for Air Force tickets for Saturday.  If you need to give up  your tickets, please let send me your info (cell and email) and I will post it.  It seemed to work well with the tickets that came available yesterday and were picked up by others.  If there’s any comments on improving the process, please enter it in the Feedback Page.


The weather forecast is looking so-so for this weekend, so please come prepared as it is Reunion Dress with Rain Gear! Seriously, make sure that you’ve got some type of gear as no umbrellas are allowed in the stadium.  Rain or Shine ’85 will have a FANTASTIC time!

Website Updates

If you have subscribed to the website updates and haven’t received any notifications, it should be resolved.  You’ll get an email when a new post is added or updated not when a page is changed.  I’ll keep that in consideration for triggering notifications.

I’ve added a couple of more pages: Class Giving and A Picture Gallery with some pictures pulled off SmugMug.  Many of the pictures don’t have captions.  If you know who is in them and when/where they were taken, please let me know and I’ll update that information in the gallery.

Any other information that comes along, I’ll post it so please keep checking back.

See you all in a couple of days!