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Email sent 29 August 2018

Greetings ’85,

I am writing this looking at surfers on Waikiki Beach and getting ready for the morning walk with my wiife Sherry towards Diamond Head all because Navy is playing U of Hawaii Saturday at 1700 local Hawaii time. We have a GREAT crowd from our Class in attendance; as usual, the most of any individual graduating class (115 tickets sold). Thanks to those who made the trip and I will see you all this week if I have not seen you already. Check out our Class of ’85 Facebook group for the pictures we will post as we cheer the Mids to their first win of the season. So, let’s talk about our first home game. Charlie Smith and the crew in Annapolis have sent me this to attach:

****************  Home Tailgate Information  ************************************

I hope everyone is looking forward to another fantastic season of Navy Football. Navy hosts Memphis for the home opener at 3:30 on Sept 8th and our tailgate crew is already working on another great season of tailgating to complement our Midshipmen’s glory on the field.

With last year’s investments in the tent, trailer and gear, we have all the ingredients in place for an excellent tailgating experience. We are using the sign up page again this year and you can find the signup for the Memphis game here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080A48ABAB28AAF49-memphis

The theme for the first game is Memphis BBQ. Charlie and Bill have agreed to cook ribs to get things kicked off. We will have cold beer on tap and other beverages to keep you cool. Please sign up so we can get a good count and plan to bring something to share with Classmates.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Charlie @ Charles.M.Smith@gmail.com if you have suggestions or questions. Your feedback is welcome.

Go Navy – Beat Memphis


Home tailgates will follow the same theme as last year, we have the Class of ’85 Tent, trailer and tailgate site ready to roll out next weekend. Last year everyone pitched in to make this new and improved tailgate site possible. Those who came to any home saw just how nice it is to have such a quality tailgate each and every game. In order to help me fund class tailgating again this year, I will ask that anyone interested in a one time contribution to our Class tailgate fund ($25, $50 or $100) please send it via Paypal or Venmo to: MD11driver85@gmail.com and PLEASE indicate it is for the Class of ’85 Tailgate Fund being sent to friends or family. This will allow me to budget for catering and for beer and wine, as well as continued improvements to our Class of ’85 tailgate experience both at home and away games. We will still have our “Honor box” at tailgates, these donations will help add to the things we can do and will keep the food hot and the beer  and wine flowing.

Next week,  I will be sending out an email dedicated to our Class of ’85 trip to San Diego for the Notre Dame game on October 27th. I have all the events planned out, so it is time to start collecting money and finalizing my head counts at all the events. There is still plenty of openings to join us on this trip, the hotel block has a few rooms and the Friday night party and tailgate is WIDE OPEN. You can still get tickets to the game from local sources. We are over 100 people signed up for this weekend and I would love to see us reach 150 or more. Stay tuned next week as I roll out the schedule of events and payment information. For now, enjoy the Navy game late Saturday on CBS Sports Network at 2300 EST and look for the Class of ’85 about the 20 yard line on the Navy side in rows 6-10. Get signed up for Memphis if you are going on September 8th and help Charlie out AND, donate a few dollars to our class tailgate fund if you will.

Thanks and BEAT HAWAII!!

Bob Smith ’85

PS: Please see the USNA ’85 website for details on all upcoming class events: http://1985.usnaclasses.net

Email sent 22 May 2018

Class of 1985,

First off, Happy 33rd Anniversary to our great class. I salute the 33 years of service to our country and to our communities and our families over the last 33 years by all our classmates. It’s so great to see everyone’s Facebook pictures over the last several years that those in our Facebook group have been sharing (no fake news here!). Pictures of our Academy days, days in the fleet or corps and all the years since. Great family photos of our kids doing amazing things as they all follow in our footsteps now that we approach retirement and hopefully more travel to Class events and Navy Football games together!

Speaking of Class travel, I have an important update for upcoming Class trips. First off Hawaii; I have been offered seats in the Navy section and since they were upper deck end zone seats I reached out directly to the University of Hawaii ticket office and they have committed to giving our class a block of tickets on the lower Navy Sideline. They cannot commit to the exact location yet, but that a block of seats will be available for the numbers we need. I will use the sign ups from our class website and reach out to those attending and confirm ticket orders since I will have to collect money from you via PayPal for these tickets and then have Rich Tighlman pick them up for us in Hawaii and get them to those attending prior to the game. More details to follow, but if have signed up to attend that game, you will hear from me. If you have not, please go on our class website and sign up to attend so I have you on the list as needing tickets (http://1985.usnaclasses.net). We are still working the full schedule of events for that weekend that will be published in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and contact me with any questions. News on the Navy vs. Notre Dame trip to San Diego; we have sold out our 150 seat block for that game. Tickets are still available via ticket master, so you can still attend the game and still attend all the class events that weekend if you were not able to buy seats in our class section. I still urge you to join us if you want to attend a great weekend with many of your classmates in a beautiful setting. The schedule of events will also be published soon for that San Diego trip and I will have to start collecting money for the Friday cocktail reception and the Saturday pre and post game tailgates, also via PayPal. Stay tuned and if you have not signed up, once again, you can do so on the Class of ’85 website. In addition to our 2 away game trips, we are making plans for the normal home Class of ’85 tailgates for this season and for tailgating at the Army/Navy game in Philadelphia. So, lots to look forward to this year.

I want to take a moment and congratulate everyone who has a high school or college student graduating this year as we ourselves celebrate our 33rd Anniversary of our Commencement. My oldest is graduating high school and I am a very proud father as I see him venture into the world like we did 33 very “short” years ago today.

As always, Go Navy and Beat Army!   Bob Smith ’85

Email 28 Nov 2016

Class of ’85,

How much fun to have a bonus tailgate with Navy hosting Temple for the AAC Championship game in Annapolis this Saturday. We will have a Class of ’85 tailgate at our usual spot starting at 1000 starting before and going until after the game. Beer and wine provided by our Class and the class tent set up as well. Please bring food to share for appropriate pre and post game tailgate snacking. Tailgate starts at 1000 and hopefully goes strong after the game to celebrate our first AAC Championship and then we set our sites on that “Team from up north” a week later in Baltimore. The post tailgate party is at Chesapeake Brewery on West Street Annapolis.

Speaking of the following week, we are still taking registrations for the USNA ’85 Beat Army Tailgate sponsored by Trident Home Loans (http://tridenthomeloans.com) and Classmate Marty Medve at Pickles Pub in downtown Baltimore starting at 1130 on Dec. 10. The link to register is on the Class of ’85 website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net/2016/10/23/army-navy-2016-tailgate/ The cost is $40 at the door for a great food buffet, drink specials in a private room upstairs at the pub and a GREAT time as we get pumped up for the game against our arch rival. Our classmate Jim Berdeguez has designed some awesome Beat Army Shirts and they are on sale at the class apparel website: http://usna85.deco-apparel.comThe ordering deadline is November 30 to receive them either at the game or your home prior to game day so you wear them to your Beat Army party. For those that order to pick up at the game, they will be available for pick-up at Pickles Pub at the tailgate (say that 3 times fast). PLEASE register soon if you are coming, I need to get a head count to the bar by early next week for their food order. We will be at least 100 strong and may fill the room to its capacity of 125.

In review, HUGE game Saturday against Temple in the AAC Championship game at 1200 with tailgating before and after starting at 1000 at our usual tailgate site; and then we set out sites on Army the following week. Tailgate registration for the Army game is open and the tee shirt ordering deadline is fast approaching. Phew, it’s hard work being part of this class! I will be watching this Saturday from Michigan and will look forward to seeing many of you the following weekend in Baltimore. I will put out news about a Friday night Happy Hour in Baltimore for those in town, it will be near the Inner Harbor. If you are going to be in Baltimore that evening, let me know. Safe Travels and Beat Temple!! Contact me with any questions: robertsmith5@att.net or 502-432-6185.

Go Navy!!!!

Bob Smith ’85

Enail blast – 26 Sep 2016

Class of ’85,

Football season is in full swing and Navy has managed an impressive 3-0 record so far. Our Air Force and Army rivals have good teams and are 3-1 and 3-0, so we know the remainder of the season will get interesting as we fight it out for the CIC trophy and hope it stays in Annapolis. Our next game is at Air Force is this Saturday at 3:30. Chesapeake Brewery in Annapolis will have the game on their new big screen TV so anyone locally can watch the game, enjoy Beat Army Lagers and enjoy discounts on food and beverages. We are gearing up for our next home tailgate against Houston on October 8th. Classmate Eric Bowman is smoking some meats for that game in his Nuke Sub smoker as he has done now for the past several years. We will be asking everyone to please bring a side dish or appetizer or dessert and enjoy some cold Chesapeake Brewing company beers and house wines. Donation jar in place and lots of GREAT food and classmates to enjoy a great game. Looking down the road, our Homecoming tailgate will feature a fully catered event prior to the 1530 kickoff. For those in town the night before, we will have a “Class meeting” at 1900 at the Chesapeake Brewpub on West St. for those   interested in getting a head start. More to come on Homecoming, but make your plans NOW. I will be putting up something on the Class Website to get an accurate headcount for the Homecoming catered event and will make an announcement soon.

Class 31st Reunion Update. Here are the current numbers: Friday Class Dinner at the Marriott poolside: 68, Class pre and post game tailgate at Ever Bank Stadium: 146, Friday Golf outing: 18. These are GREAT numbers and I am hopeful we can add to these. Registrations are available on the Class Website: http://1985.usnaclasses.net . For those of you signed up, I sent you out individual emails about your events and payment information. IF you signed up and did not get an email from me, PLEASE contact me so we can work that out. I want those of you staying at the hotel and attending the tailgate to sign up for the bus transport to and from the game. Many of you are still not signed up for the bus because I added the bus transport after you signed up. PLEASE contact me if you need anything and I invite all classmates to join us for a great weekend and our 31st Reunion Celebration. Please go on the class website and review everything we have going on that weekend and join us if you can. It will be the next “Dublin-like” event that we will all remember for years to come. Also, we need to cheer our Mids to victory over a suspect Notre Dame team. I just found this out today, there is a big Airshow at the beach that weekend with the Navy Blue Angels performing Saturday and Sunday (I imagine a REALLY good flyover at the game).

That is all I have for this week. We are still on track to conduct a class election in the coming months and I will start by putting an announcement in Shipmate so everyone is included. After the announcement, we will set a schedule for nominations and the actual election. If you have a desire to serve we would love to see you run. If you like your current Class Officers, you can also deliver that message. Cheers to everyone and I wish Navy good luck in the weeks ahead. I have heard great things about our home tailgates and attendance so far, so we look forward to the upcoming events at our Class of ’85 home tailgate. As always, contact me if you have any questions or needs. Go Navy, BEAT AIR FORCE!!!

Bob Smith ’85

Time to catch up on happenings over the last few months.  Even though one may consider it “old” news, the information should be acknowledged by all.

The Good – Promotions and Assignments

Congratulations go out to our classmates selected for their second star – Tim Syzmanski, Stuart Munsch, Jim Lobelein, and Kyle Cozad!  In addition, a big Bravo Zulu to Ski taking the reigns of the Naval Special Warfare Command and our other class flag officers in the news.  Please send in information and photos on change of commands, retirements, events, and more so we can show how 85 is continuing to make a mark on today’s Navy and Marine Corps.

The Sad – Passing of a Classmate

It is with great sadness we report the passing of our classmate Roberta (Robin) McKinney, 28th Co, on April 27, 2016  Please keep her and her family as well as all of our other fallen classmates in your prayers.  Her obituary may be found here.

The Gouge

It is less than six months away from the Navy-Notre Dame weekend in Jacksonville.  Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks.  As a heads up, we will be holding class elections in the next couple of months.  More detail to follow.  If you’re interested in running for any of our class offices, please reach out to Bob Smith.  We will also be enhancing the website over the next few months.  Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Please send them to Angela Orlando.

Passing on some gouge:
Air Force Game

There are still folks looking for Air Force tickets for Saturday.  If you need to give up  your tickets, please let send me your info (cell and email) and I will post it.  It seemed to work well with the tickets that came available yesterday and were picked up by others.  If there’s any comments on improving the process, please enter it in the Feedback Page.


The weather forecast is looking so-so for this weekend, so please come prepared as it is Reunion Dress with Rain Gear! Seriously, make sure that you’ve got some type of gear as no umbrellas are allowed in the stadium.  Rain or Shine ’85 will have a FANTASTIC time!

Website Updates

If you have subscribed to the website updates and haven’t received any notifications, it should be resolved.  You’ll get an email when a new post is added or updated not when a page is changed.  I’ll keep that in consideration for triggering notifications.

I’ve added a couple of more pages: Class Giving and A Picture Gallery with some pictures pulled off SmugMug.  Many of the pictures don’t have captions.  If you know who is in them and when/where they were taken, please let me know and I’ll update that information in the gallery.

Any other information that comes along, I’ll post it so please keep checking back.

See you all in a couple of days!