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Email 30 Apr 2018

This is the last day to order Navy vs. Notre Dame Football game tickets and our Class only has a few left in our NAAA block of tickets, so if you are a procrastinating, NOW IS THE TIME!! Here is the skinny on what you need to do:

1) Go to: www.Navysports.com 

2) Click the tab for TICKETS

3) Click the tab for ORDER TICKETS ONLINE

4) Click the tab for BUY TICKETS

5) Click to tab for PROMOTION CODES

On that page, enter 1985 in the block and you will be sent to a window to buy tickets in our block for $100 each (plus a small service charge per order). If this does not work, it probably means our block is sold out. As of this morning, there was about 25 tickets left. NAAA is sold out of their allotment of seats and you will then have to buy tickets from Ticketmaster somewhere out of the Navy and Class section. Thanks for those of you who have purchased tickets and signed up so far and I hope that those who want to be part of this amazing event, can get your tickets today if you are interesting in going. Go go the Class of ’85 website to register for this game and for the Hawaii game events if you have not done so but are planning so I can have an idea of how many are attending. I will have an update soon on tickets for the Hawaii game, they have not been released by the home team yet for purchase. When I do know something, you will know it too. Thanks and here is the link for the USNA ’85 website:


Our numbers are growing for both events and I am really looking forward to great times ahead for the 2018 football season and USNA ’85.

Go Navy and stay tuned for more information.

Bob Smith  ’85

Email sent 4 Apr 2018

Greetings Class of ’85,

Now that we are on Spring Break, it will be summer soon and then, before we know it, Navy Football season! NAAA has given our Class a block of 150 tickets together for the Navy v Notre game at Qualcomm Stadium on October 27th (Time is still TBA, but I am guessing it will be an early game for those of us on the West Coast). The tickets are $100 each and located together in sections P 48-49. (There is an $8 per transaction fee added on to your order). If you want to sit with other classmates, I suggest you place one order together like those of in 16th Company did this morning. Here is the link for the NAAA Ticket Window for this game:


Our PROMO Code is: 1985 and the group tickets are ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL April 31st, so GET ON IT. The Class block of rooms at the Westin hotel (50 rooms) is currently sold to 40 rooms, so only 10 left. If I sell out 50 rooms, I can get more, but that opportunity is fading FAST, so if you want to stay with the Class and plan on attending the game, NOW IS THE TIME! The room reservation web link is:


I have a contract in place with a local Brewpub near out hotel called the Quad for a pre and post game indoor tailgate and will have motor coach transportation from the Quad to and from the game. For now, I just need you to go on the USNA ’85 Class website and sign up that you are attending the game. Use the above links to reserve your room and buy your tickets and I will have more information about such events as the Friday Night Cocktail reception at our hotel, the Saturday game and tailgate and perhaps a Friday golf outing and other events related to that weekend. The Class website is:


Please use the links on our website to sign up for that weekend; for now though, get your rooms and tickets locked up. I will have more information in the near future with a schedule of events for the entire weekend and some additional sign ups.

If anyone is wondering about the Hawaii Game, please use the class website to sign up and get your rooms reserved. NAAA does not have tickets yet and they are controlled by the home team, so when I have that info, I will promptly pass it along. Call, text or email with questions as always: robertsmith5@att.net, C: (502) 432-6185. Go Navy and Happy Spring!!

Bob Smith ‘85